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Baldinini Platinum Couture

Baldinini Platinum Couture for summer 2020

Elegant but with a touch of glamor is the Baldinini proposal for summer 2020.

Gold mode on for a dazzling mood that becomes the key to reading Baldinini looks dedicated to a lively and naturally dazzling femininity.Baldinini Platinum CoutureTo get noticed, a detail is enough, delicious detail that manages to make us shine thanks to the play of contrasts between black vinyl and gold that explode in the combo bag + sandals. The gold obsession is all in the GB logo in macro font that catches the eye. And the style.

A logo that becomes a buckle in the slightly rounded shoulder strap with front flap: the bag is characterized by reflections and plays of light and focuses on the elegance of the past. The high woven sandal, on the other hand, wraps the foot and catches the eye thanks to the detail of the sculpted heel made with the golden GB logo.Baldinini Platinum CoutureBaldinini’s Platinum Couture can be cut and shaped as desired in ever new shapes with accessories designed to give an irresistible luminous charge to the wearer.
P. Rew.: Guitar Press Office

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