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Nove25 presenta l’anello celebrativo del Triplete dell’Inter

Nove25 presents the Inter Milan Triplete celebratory ring

#Timeless2010, Inter presents the exclusive triplete celebration ring.
The exclusive products relating to the # Timeless2010 campaign continue: from today on sale the celebratory ring of the Triplete, created in collaboration with Nove25.

MILAN – Timeless victories, engraved in a ring that will forever remain testimony to the accomplished feat. From today, all the Nerazzurri fans will be able to bring home an indelible memory of the Triplete season: the exclusive # Timeless2010 celebratory ring is on sale, created in collaboration with the Milanese creative laboratory Nove25.Nove25 presents the Inter Milan Triplete celebratory ringThe ring, in the style of the celebratory rings of the various American sports leagues, was created for the team members of the 2009-10 season and, from today, is also available for fans at the link https://www.nove25.net/it/timeless-2010.

The ring is decorated with the engraving of the Inter logo, of the # Timeless2010 campaign, of the three trophies won in May 2010 “Scudetto, Coppa Italia and Champions League” and the shirt number of the protagonist. The latter element is fully customizable: each Nerazzurri fan can in fact engrave on his copy the number he prefers.Nove25 presenta l’anello celebrativo del Triplete dell’InterThe #Timeless 2010 ring is entirely made of 925% Sterling Silver with a polished burnished finish, designed and worked with advanced technologies and hand-finished in the Nove25 laboratories to guarantee maximum detail and the highest quality.
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