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America Vintage Spring Summer 2020 | It presents the collection that through the material enhances the sensations

American Vintage Spring Summer 2020 | It presents the collection that through the material enhances the sensations

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American Vintage, always synonymous with comfy-chic easywear, presents a spring-summer collection that comes to the eye starting from sensations: through sensory experiments the French maison has in fact selected the best natural fabrics to create looks that are not only beautiful to look at but which are first of all pleasant to feel on the skin and comfortable to wear.

Pima cotton, the most beautiful cotton variety in the world, is declined on soft t-shirts with bright colors, to be worn overlapped. Yarns originating from Italy, resistant and at the same time soft, give comfort to sweaters, buttoned cardigans and other naturally cocoon pieces, characterized by an incomparable quality and which prolongs the life of the garment. Japanese fabric is a touch of luxury, a mixture of technical materials in which acetate combines with lyocell, an eucalyptus or bamboo fiber, and which glides perfectly on the skin. Furthermore, the production of ultra-denim looks is ethical and responsible – made by guaranteeing the least possible use of water according to international standards – comfortable and eco-friendly!

The masculine look signed by the French fashion house is confirmed for its comfortable, slightly oversize fit, for the palette full of colors, from the most neutral to the brightest, and of course for the use of the highest quality raw materials.

Already present with three single-brand stores in Rome, Florence and Verona, American Vintage confirms its interest in the Italian market. Its presence at Pitti Uomo remains a fundamental step in the expansion not only on the national territory but also on an international level.America Vintage Spring Summer 2020 | It presents the collection that through the material enhances the sensationsAmerican Vintage. The 1001 lives of a t shirt
Cult piece of American Vintage and summer star, the t shirt multiplies, changes color and becomes the garment that overlaps to your liking. An authentic defector of style, he is the common denominator of the season.

Timeless, very simple, iconoclastic. Since the birth of American Vintage in 2005, the t shirt has been the indispensable ally of today’s silhouettes. Versatile, in summer as in winter, it is from time to time minimal, unisex or candid, and always essential. In spring summer 2020, it plays with the imposed codes and goes alone or overlapped.

Turned up on the shoulders and on the arms, dyed, white or colored… it is the daily piece that slips under a dress-petticoat or an unbuttoned shirt. We have fun with its thickness, its freshness, its natural charm. Multiplied, carried one on top of the other, overlapping looks are created, to be walked like the pages of a book, during the day. The great story of summer.

Style: the American Vintage summer camp
For spring summer 2020 American Vintage imagines a sporty and retro wardrobe with a relaxed silhouette. The skin is revealed, the cuts invite movement, the allure takes on an uninhibited air. In line with summer temperatures.

Sporty details, cool spirit
It’s always a matter of detail. More finesse than in evidence. The feeling of honeycomb cotton. The softness of the fleece, often, as weighed down, by the impeccable fall. The hood with a sweatshirt. The elastic ribbed trims that close the oversize garments at the wrists, at the waist and surround the neck.

It is the sporty style of the 80s adapted to the daily life of the city, with shorts worn high on the thighs, the reassuring texture of the terry cloth or the used, vintage effect of a cotton canvas. Wide range, the two-colored t shirt contrasts with the shades of blue, gray or pink with the light-flooded streets of a southern city that languishes in summer. Applied on second skin pieces, the AMV Camp logo unfolds on the fabrics, when the shirts are adorned with retro acronyms in the style of American colleges or as a summer camp.

Natural or technical materials
Imagined in natural materials, such as smooth, ribbed or honeycomb cotton, this wardrobe leaves the body free to move, allowing the skin to breathe. On the other hand, the more technical fleece fabrics, which cut the wind, reinvent the practical look, having fun with the passage of the cold season.
Inspired by sport but cut for the city, these pieces become the urban dress of a new fashion for everyone.

Knitwear: pastel sweetness
For summer 2020, the sweaters are made light as the air and decorated with pastel colors. From blue to pink through green and purple, they decline in a rainbow of sweetness that blends into the looks of the summer.

Watercolor palette
Baby blue, almond green, cream white, peony pink or wild rose, rye yellow or vanilla, lavender and violet … the colors become gestures of tenderness and dilute on seasonal shirts. Sweets for the look as for the skin, they go beyond styles and genres to sneak everywhere. As if crossed by the sun and softened by the wind, they seem to come out of the wardrobe of the holiday home. Thin, very light or thicker but perforated, cardigans and sweaters let the skin breathe bringing their retro air into the wardrobe. Worn on the skin, these sweaters are combined with the fleece of a sports garment or the thick denim of a unisex jeans.

White paradise
Pure white, broken or cream. Egg white, alabaster or ivory. For spring summer 2020, white wraps and develops as if it were an ocean: fresh, natural, powerful. Of a disarming simplicity, the, white is the perfect shade to temper the summer heat.

50 shades of white
Worn in small touches or in total look, it is the dose of brightness and freshness that underlines the pastel or saturated tones of the summer wardrobe.

White invites you to the table of timeless greats
On the iconic t-shirt of the maison, white unfolds like a flag, even on the skin. The unisex garment par excellence, it illuminates a tank top, sublimates a worked short or an oversized polo shirt, showing its absolute chromatic uniqueness in the heart of raw cotton, fresh linen, retro flamed jersey, twill, ribbed jersey and jersey stitch typical of American Vintage. Between subtle variations, white becomes sparkling or enveloping, like a virgin canvas on which to project one’s dreams.

A greener denim and a vegetable t-shirt

The ever wider American Vintage proposal is becoming even more responsible with the arrival of eco denim, an eco-designed cotton canvas that requires less water for its production. It joins the VEGI t shirt, whose color is obtained starting from a 100% vegetable dye.

Responsible canvas and vegetable dye
Concerned about style as much as the environment, American Vintage has developed an ecological denim: a rough-cut cotton canvas with a structured cut, the production of which requires less water than usual. A project that belongs to the long-term green approach of the brand and refers to another debut, that of the VEGI t shirt, whose colors are obtained from 100% natural vegetable dyes.

It is not the first time that American Vintage has developed a vegetable dye. In 2019, the brand had organized a series of introductory seminars on the theme during the 34th Festival of Fashion, Photography and fashion accessories in Hyères. This initiative had given rise to hand-dyed t-shirts and vests, with washes and with unique blue or pink colors, in a limited edition.

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