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The wild weft of Baldinini

The wild weft of Baldinini

P.Rew.: Guitar Press Office
Bright colors and prints inspired by the world of nature with a focus… wild to survive and extricate oneself in the urban jungle with determination and style.

The exotic becomes a city with Baldinini where the classic models of the maison take on a more gritty look thanks to the python pattern made in fluorescent colors: bold, strong, elegantly wild.The wild weft of BaldininiThe orange python slingback ballet flats with elastic logo on the heel are perfect for an adventurer of style: shoes with a double soul, capable of referring to a distant atmosphere but without forgetting the charm.

Baldinini’s explorer woman does not give up practicality combined with glam details translated into light lemon yellow printed python loafers with metal buckle, which experience the new in strong colors and details but without losing in heritage.The wild weft of BaldininiAnd for the traveler who wants everything, elegantly, at hand the clutches with chain shoulder strap are perfect, offered in two versions – thin and with a clutch / capacious and more geometric – also made of orange python with glam detail of the logo in evidence.

A desire for freedom, to explore inaccessible territories that arises from unique accessories that celebrate the strength of women and their indomitable spirit.

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