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Burberry reveals Autumn_Winter 2020 Pre-Collection Campaign c Courtesy of Irina Shayk, Burberry © Danko Steiner

Burberry  reveals Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection

P.Rew.: Burberry Press.office – photo © Burberry/Danko Steiner
‘I have always been drawn to the notion of duality and viewing things from two perspectives – bringing a depth and contrast to a person or a concept. This campaign explores this idea of mirroring, a theme which I established as a house code in the new Burberry identity.’

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Burberry reveals its latest campaign for the Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection, designed by Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci and photographed by Danko Steiner.

This campaign represents a reinforcement of the fashion house’s refreshed identity under Riccardo, as he works with Burberry family models Irina Shayk and Reece Nelson. The cast interact with their lookalike selves in this playful campaign, exploring the concept of duality – a continuing house code for the brand.Irina Shayk . Burberry reveals Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection Campaign of Irina Shayk, Burberry © Danko SteinerRiccardo reimagines pieces from the Burberry archive with a sense of vibrancy. Heritage silhouettes and codes evolve in new proportions with fresh iterations such as the iconic check overlaid with camouflage and quilting re-energised with bold colours.

Alongside photographer Danko Steiner, Riccardo collaborated with a world-renowned creative team for his latest campaign, including stylist Ana Steiner, Burberry Global Beauty Director Isamaya Ffrench and hair stylist Gary Gill.

The Burberry Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection is available to purchase in selected Burberry stores globally and online. The Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection campaign was photographed before the COVID-19 social distancing measures.Burberry reveals Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection Campaign of Burberry © Danko SteinerThe collection
Burberry continues to develop its colour palette – including beige, black, white, red, and grey – with a particular emphasis on pink this season. From T-shirts and trench coats to tailoring and trackpants, the diverse appeal of the house is celebrated through the breadth of the collection.

For women, the trench coat is transformed in fluid jersey, fringing and graffiti print. Quilted skirt suits, fringed wool trousers and reconstructed blazers. A scarf dress, silk pussy-bow blouse and shirt with exaggerated cuffs.

For men, reconstructed cotton-gabardine trench coats and classic and English-fit suits with shirts embroidered with the Burberry logo and house stripes. Panelled trousers and wide-leg shorts with cargo pockets.

The bag offering includes The TB Bag collection, which continues to expand and evolve. The Lola bag also features in small and supersized styles in quilted leather. The Pocket Bag, a new signature for the house, also features. House codes inform quintessential men’s accessories: a duffle bag in Monogram-print e-canvas, a slim briefcase in logoed leather, and a chequer-print ECONYL® backpack.

The Cast:
Irina Shayk
‘I think that duality is the essence of the nature of a woman. A woman finds strength in her weakness, brings hope even to the darkest hour, makes life easier and more complex. I definitely relate to this dual nature of a woman and of life itself, with its sophistication and simplicity. That is what I also love about this collection, it is truly special. It is simple and chic, and is dedicated to a modern woman. In every piece I felt like a woman who is important and unique, and I was wearing the clothes, as opposed to letting the clothes wear me. That is the true beauty of Riccardo and the new Burberry.’

Isamaya FFrench
‘Every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces – being comfortable with different aspects of your personality can help you adapt to whatever life throws at you. We played on this idea of duality in the campaign with doppelgängers for Irina and Reece. Creatively, this was a really interesting brief as we paid attention to the smallest details on elements such as eyes, eyebrow thickness and subtle contouring, etc. It was a really fun experience as we made the models as similar as possible.’

Gary Gill
‘To me, I relate very much to the idea of duality as it reveals the different aspects of a collection, which in turn sets a vision of strength within a brand. I particularly loved the Monogram prints and the luxurious, chic subtle nod to streetwear in the collection. Irina Shayk, as a modelling icon, was such a sweet and professional person to work with and I loved being introduced to Reece, a rising star in the industry.’

Danko Steiner
‘I love working with Riccardo and it always amazes me how his inspiration for each project comes from very different and unexpected sources, be it art, music or real life, but it always ends up looking very much of his own world with his precise vision. In relation to this campaign, I have always been drawn to the concept of duality and repetition in art, from the early Renaissance diptychs and triptychs that broke out of a single frame to tell a story. We wanted to experiment with this idea of duality and repetition with Irina, Reece and their respective doppelgängers to bring the energy of an open-ended diptych portrait to a single frame.’

Ana Steiner
‘Working with Riccardo is always a joy, and this time was just as exciting to build this collection as a perfect wardrobe. It’s fascinating to see how any of Riccardo’s collections as a whole or the amazing pieces themselves, always have a very strong identity and are unmistakably his own. This played strongly into the campaign, as I found the concept of duality and repetition very inspiring. It brings into play one’s identity, as clothes are often instrumental parts of that play.

Something familiar when mirrored becomes strange. I have fond memories of this campaign as I remember there was extra excitement and celebration in the studio as this was everyone’s last shoot before the New Year’s holidays. All of us laughing, hugging, kissing goodbye – all so much missed these days.’

Reece Nelson
“I see duality as two opposing things that are complementary to each other. Yin and yang in other words. Without wrong would there be right? I always tell myself that there is good in bad, so whenever I am experiencing difficult times, I try my hardest to stay peaceful within, since I know there is a positive outcome of the situation. This is just a stepping-stone for living a righteous life.”



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