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MCS polo shirt

MCS presents the polo shirt, a timeless garment

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Within the Spring Summer 2020 collection, MCS presents an infinite choice of polo shirts, the model born in 1896 and never released from the men’s fashion radar.

The development of this timeless garment does not pass by the fit, regular as per command, but by the wide range of colors that reviews all the most classic shades, with an eclectic and at the same time rigorous choice. MCS polo shirt A real celebration of a model that has always been present in the male wardrobe, a sign of class, education and bon ton. The MCS polo shirt stands out for its quality yarn, a high-end cotton, a delicate use of contrasting details and, of course, the logo of the legendary rider that has made the brand popular all over the world. MCS polo shirt are available at the best Italian fashion retailers.MCS polo shirt

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