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Kyme Eyewear

Kyme eyewear G.B.R. Global Beauty Revolution collection

In reference to the need to express a feeling of renewal and revolution of the brand, undertaken during the previous collection, the new Kyme collection draws inspiration from a historical period of breakdown: the youth revolutions of 1968.

Kyme aligns itself with the context of revolutionary movements and world-wide contestations, carrying on its G.B.R. (Global Beauty Revolution) collection heading with greater freedom and awareness towards new challenges and achievements.Kyme Eyewear“Rebellion” is the term that best describes this collection: a rebellion expressed through beauty.Kyme EyewearThe Kyme collection offers bold acetate for him and over geometries for her; there is no lack of the new models of Kmini “mini” sunglasses, already sti-listical and commercial success of the previous season, accompanied by new products even more irreverent and experimental that wink at the world of fashion, a real return to the soul that has characterized Kyme since its birth and finally the arrival of a new trend: the Glasant.
C.St .: Claudio Leoni Public Relations

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