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Chopard Ice Cube Collection

Chopard Ice Cube Collection

Minimalist elegance
The iconic geometric design of the Ice Cube Chopard collection features an urban elegance with a contemporary touch.Chopard Ice Cube CollectionCharacterized by squared facets carefully worked in order to reproduce the reflections of the ice, the Ice Cube Chopard creations contain style, sophistication and glamour.

Designer eyewear
The geometric lines, the clean and essential elegance of the Ice Cube jewels are found in the eyewear proposals inspired by the collection: large lenses with round or hexagonal shapes and shaded colors ranging from blue to green, from pink to smoke gray.Chopard Ice Cube CollectionThe important frame with the “cubed” detail with cubic zirconia on the temple and the terminal that reflects the color of the lens.

P.Rew.: BertelliPigola PR.Chopard Ice Cube Collection

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