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ZEISS PhotoFusion

ZEISS: photochromic lenses | The secret to wearing a single pair of glasses all day long

The innovative ZEISS PhotoFusion and AdaptiveSun lenses combine comfort, elegance and protection. Designed for those who are always on the move and who want the convenience of a single pair of glasses.

People who regularly wear eyeglasses are often forced to alternate between eyeglasses and sunglasses every time they enter a closed place or go outside and vice versa. Furthermore, never as in this season is it fundamental to remember the importance of protecting the eyes from UV rays: excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can damage the delicate tissues around the eyes or compromise the lens, reducing its transparency and causing damage that can aggravate as we age.ZEISS PhotoFusionTo avoid the constant change of glasses, ZEISS Vision Care, always attentive to the visual well-being of its customers, offers the photochromic technology of ZEISS PhotoFusion, prescription lenses that can darken and lighten quickly to ensure maximum comfort in any condition. light, both outside and inside. Practicality and comfort are in fact the two main benefits of photochromic lenses that allow the wearer to live their day dynamically without having to worry about carrying two pairs of glasses.

The great advantage offered by this type of lenses is contained in their operation: the light-sensitive molecules are able to “transform” the normal clear transparent lenses into sun lenses in a few seconds. Exposed to sunlight these photo-active molecules open and darken the lenses, while in a cloudy weather situation the coloring becomes light and comfortable. Finally, returning to the interior, the molecules close again and the lenses become totally clear again.

For those who love being outdoors, ZEISS AdaptiveSun is a valid alternative to traditional sunglasses and exceeds the limit. In fact, they go from dark to lighter in a few seconds to adapt to the intensity of light present, always guaranteeing complete protection from UV rays. AdaptiveSun smart lenses have been designed to automatically adapt the darkening level according to exposure to sunlight, thus ensuring perfect protection from glare.ZEISS PhotoFusionAnother important aspect for young people and for all fashion addicts concerns aesthetics. Eyeglasses in fact continue to be an accessory no longer only linked to a visual need, but it represents a real must have to combine with your outfit and to show off with pleasure.

The colors available for ZEISS PhotoFusion and AdaptiveSun lenses are multiple and able to satisfy even the most refined looks. For a classic look, the gray and brown colors are ideal, while the pioneer (gray-green) and blue are among the most fashionable breakfasts, to be combined with a fresh and sporty outfit. Finally, the timeless classic, the extra gray color is the most suitable for warm climates and for those who are oriented towards a total black look.
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