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Islablusa Step is Fun

by Eli Zen
Islablusa is the sandal for tireless travelers with a modern design, for those who take a trip or like taking long walks. Infact, this sandal allows you to walk for a long time outdoors.

The sandal can be customized according to the customer’s taste and is 100% Made in Italy. The stylist , a young woman transmits through her gipsy style the spirit of this sandal collection, with her desire to travel and explore the world and to live as much as possible into the open hair.

Islablusa Step is Fun is a funny sandal that you can accessorize as you prefer. Creativity and practicality are the two components of this collection born in Tuscany made of soft leathers coming from the companies of the Cuoio di Toscana District.IslablusaThe high-quality leather distinguishes this sandal line from others. For the male collection the material is calf and the color range from black to dark brown. The design is enriched by studs, leather braids and techno elastic bands. For the woman line, techno and glamor are still the two main aspects that distinguish these sandals, using also denim, calf, canvas with tassels, feathers and interchangeable beads. In addition, scarves wrap the ankle with a feminine touch.IslablusaThe shape of the sandal adapts well to the foot with an ergonomic sole that enhances it with a sporty touch but at the same time glamorous. It is a patented sandal that follows the natural shape of the foot leaving freedom in walking and is an ideal sandal for summer travels and long walks. Step is Fun is truly a special sandal that doesn’t know boundaries and makes us move free as if we were barefoot, a new way of experiencing style with a standard of comfort step by step.

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