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Gimmi Baldinini

Gimmi Baldinini: “Russia is the real engine of the recovery of Made in Italy fashion”

Gimmi Baldinini, entrepreneur and president of the luxury footwear brand, observes how, like China, the Soviet country, of which he is a deep connoisseur after 40 years of activity, can be the driving force for development, given the rapid local commercial distribution after the block. Urgent that Italy mainly valorises relations with Russia, also by stopping regulations.

“In a short time, since the reopening after the blockade, they have recovered more than a month of consumption. And in a few days everything will be normalized. We do not look only at China: Russia can be the real engine of the recovery of Made in Italy fashion, but Italy must above all enhance relations with this extraordinary country. Those who do not know him cannot judge. It is an immense country with rich realities, others less so. Russia is a country that loves fashion and prefers the Italian one. It is necessary to have a relationship with them. “Gimmi Baldinini To say it is Gimmi Baldinini, president of the luxury brand of Made in Italy footwear. The entrepreneur, in addition to being considered the Italian of the most famous sector in Russia, is probably the most expert connoisseur of the market of the former USSR in a fashion and luxury perspective, having actually succeeded first, in almost 40 years of work, a thriving season of internationalization of the entire Made in Italy. A path that led Baldinini to be present in the area today with 130 single-brand stores, with the Russian market representing 80% of the turnover of the San Mauro Pascoli brand (Forlì-Cesena), which in 2020 celebrated in 110 years of history .

Baldinini then went into the issue of taxes, proposing a recipe for the division of Italy after the health emergency: “If Italy has a better relationship with Russia, so many problems of our Made in Italy are not there, seen that the Russians love us, so much so that we consider a country that fully embodies their lifestyle ideals. The problem is restrictions, not so much for footwear, but for example on food products, which are now the Russians themselves importing from neighboring economies or, even better, which have started to produce within their borders.

In practice, with the rules we have done him a pleasure and now the post Covid-19 trend among local consumers is to try to enhance internal purchases. Now that the economy is restarting, especially to dare oxygen to our consumption, before it is too late, tariffs must be canceled as soon as possible to take advantage of this great opportunity “.

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