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Salar Bags Fall Winter 2020/21

Salar Milano Fall Winter 2020 collection

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Salar Milano with the Autumn Winter 2020 wants to launch a message, in a moment of great changes, it is completely renewed and gives vent to its creativity by presenting an entirely new collection, while always maintaining its DNA.

The brand consolidates an original image, ever stronger and more impactful, in a global female vision, which reflects the characteristics of a gritty and determined woman but at the same time sophisticated and extremely chic in her being.

The inspiration for the Winter 2020 collection is a mix of contrasts, which has always been a characteristic of the brand.


Salar Bags

The eccentric gold of the New York hip hop singers of the 80s, who with their golden chains and jewels announced their successes and could tell the world “I did it”, joins a more sober and elegant, strongly in trend right now. The mix of strength and elegance takes us from New York to Paris, the inspiration comes from the artists of our day, such as Lous And The Yakuza, a Belgian model and singer of Congolese origin of rare beauty and hypnotic eyes. His musical style is unique, elegant and influenced by the street, an example of how tenacity and courage, fragility and sweetness can represent a winning and successful mix beyond any challenge.

Starting from the inspiration, it is gold hardware that prevails in the entire collection, everything becomes maxi. It is disproportion that dictates the rules of the game, micro bags such as the Bebe and the XinXin (kisses kisses in Chinese) are decorated with each other by the maxi chain and the maxi handle, transforming them into a real styling element.

The beltbag is confirmed among the best sellers of recent seasons as well as in the new Evy proposal, embellished by the maxi gold chain that wraps and tightens the waist, to be worn also on blazers or outerwear. Evy, Giuly and Dudu are confirmed as new shapes already introduced in the Winter 2020 collection, where the design recalls the iconic round shapes of the brand.

Everything is carried on trendy volumes of the moment such as the baguette, to tell a contemporary style together with new and characterizing elements, such as the snap closure inspired by skates or ski boots, which keep the identity of the Salar brand intact. Among the new features is the Clo’ model revisited in the wake of the Hobo bags of the 90s.

In this collection Salar Milano presents a new “family” developed in two different sizes, the Tea and the Joy, both are daily models, practical but at the same time elegant, with a very particular construction.Salar Bags The volume is characterized by two maxi tubulars that act as handles, giving structure to the bag, creating a more rigid outer casing that supports a soft leather bag that is inside. Tea and Joy are offered in solid colors as well as in multicolor tones of blacks and browns, with particular materials such as snake print, synthetic fur and woven leather.

One of the main themes of this collection in terms of workmanship is precisely the macro weave, which incorporates the DNA of the brand and recalls the first Salar woven bags. This weave, with a sophisticated and soft aesthetic, is made of nappa leather and makes these models particularly soft and pleasant to the touch.

Among the novelties in terms of materials, eel is introduced, which perfectly expresses the contrast between luxury and grit, and its striped panels recall the softer matelassé processing, which we find in some of the families presented for the next winter season. The palette is a sophisticated palette that starts from the basic black and proceeds towards hazelnut and beige, white and burgundy, then introducing the strongest shades of fuchsia, red, green and blue.

It is precisely this mix of grit and elegance, of softness and rigidity, which represents the perfect recipe for the Winter 2020 collection designed by Salar Milano.

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