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FILA 1920-2020 anniversary collection and back to school

P.Rew.: Cantiere di Comunicazione
ROW. for 100 years alongside students, now more than ever.

All the news for the back to school of the restart and the products of the “1920-2020 anniversary collection” dedicated to the centenary of the company.

1920 – 2020: One hundred years of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, a path that has seen it enter millions of homes, schools, offices and ateliers with more than 25 iconic brands including Giotto, Tratto, Das, Didò, Pongo, Lyra, Maimeri, Canson papers and Arches, and thousands of products for writing, drawing, coloring, modeling, painting, giving shape to creativity.

A special restart that of next September 2020. After months of forced distance, students and teachers are ready to leave again with enthusiasm, the same that moves F.I.L.A. for a century, at the forefront to support them, today more than ever, with high quality materials but also with projects that will see them as great protagonists, such as the La Pencil of Ideas and LYRA Prize school competitions.

1920-2020 anniversary collection
To celebrate the anniversary, some unmissable limited editions have arrived, perfect for back to school.
The new Giottocento and FILA Lapiscento pencils are now ready, respectively colored pastels and graphite pencils of superior quality, with attention to every detail and made with a recovery system of cedar wood waste from a PEFC certified supply chain.FILA calamita centenarioA special metal case that recalls the first historical packages in every detail thus collects ten Giottocento pastels and two FILA Lapiscento pastels, as well as a centenary edition of the famous bookmark that for more than three decades, starting from 1930, was given free with Giotto packages.
FILA LapisCento, the celebratory graphite pencil to collect, is on sale for all fans, even individually in the best stationeries.
From color to writing with Tratto Pen: the special pen-marker is dressed in gold to become Tratto Pen Cento, a limited edition in the three classic writing colors of black, red and blue. Classic inside, gold outside, for a collectible look.

Not only that, from the company’s historical archive, nine of the most original images and advertisements have been transformed into collectible magnets: small pieces that form the puzzle of a great all-Italian story.

Giotto Skin Tones, a complete line to portray every face with its tone
Not only Giotto Skin Tones pencils: in 2020 the line has expanded with the introduction of fine and thick point markers and tempera. A complete range and 12 variants to be able to portray every face with the right shade, a line born from the desire to make available to every child the colors necessary to express himself and his friends, at home and at school desks.
Leading the way to the line, the 12 Skin Tones shades by Giotto Stilnovo, the hexagonal section pastel painted in the color of the lead with silver edges and lead of excellent quality and yield.
And to give the right shades even with markers, the new Giotto Turbo Color and Giotto Turbo Maxi Skin Tones. The first with a fine tip and 12 colors, the second with a thick tip, an easy-to-grip maxi size and 8 Skin Tones colors. For both, Giotto quality, with harmless inks that can be easily washed from hands and fabrics.
For those who love to paint, the 4 brand new Skin Tones shades of Giotto Extra Quality tempera. Made from water and ready to use, it is particularly rich in pigments and formulated with safe, harmless dyes that are easy to wash from hands. Of superior quality, it guarantees optimal yield with small amounts of color. Easy to apply, perfectly homogeneous, opaque and opaque, it is ideal for mixing colors and giving the right shade to every face.

Full color
Among the essentials for back to school, the 18-piece packs designed for refilling cases: from colored pencils signed by Giotto Stilnovo with certified wood, and Giotto Supermina with its maxi leads, to Giotto Super Advanced fine point markers.

Write, underline, erase.
The must have of F.I.L.A. for writing it has the signature of Tratto and accompanies children from the first approaches thanks to Tratto Cancellik, the erasable special that for the next back to school is proposed in the new packaging in 50% recycled and hangable RPET, with 6 pieces in the most used in school (2 blue, 2 red, 1 green and 1 black).
And to highlight every note, the colors of Tratto Video, the “Made in Italy” highlighter with chisel tip, are now available in the new 8-piece pack with the full range of colors. Also new for the Tratto Video Pastel line, the glamorous highlighter with a total black body and pastel details, which today presents the apricot nuance.
Erase with sympathy thanks to the new Lyra Groove Eraser, the phthalate-free eraser that takes the shape of the iconic ergonomic pencil with non-slip side holes for the thumb, index and middle fingers. Available in six colors to be collected.
New look and more performance for the new Tratto Whity Tape, the corrector tape with fluo gears on a total black body. 8.3 meters of tape to remedy any mistakes.

Here comes DAS Stone, the new modeling paste for stone effect sculptures. Easy to shape, it hardens in the air for a natural, rough and porous material result, without cracks. A novelty “soft as stone”.DAS Stone… And for the very little ones
Here comes the unmissable Didò trolley backpack licensed for 44 cats: colorful and in washable fabric, it guarantees maximum comfort and great functionality thanks to durable and quality materials. Inside, 14 Didò sausages and everything you need to play in the company of mici friends. Perfect for school and leisure!

The new Canson papers meet LYRA and Daler-Rowney to give the right color to each laboratory.
Thus was born Graduate: the concept designed for secondary school students.
Graduate is a concept that welcomes the centuries-old experience of three major brands such as Canson, LYRA and Daler-Rowney. A proposal that aims to present to secondary school students, in a simple and immediate way, the brand new blocks by combining them with the materials most suited to the techniques used, dry or wet.
The new Canson Graduate Bristol is, for example, perfect for architecture lessons: a block with an extra smooth and extra white surface that allows the graphite to flow without friction. The ideal pencils for making all kinds of projects? The HB, 2H, 3H, like the series proposed by LYRA Graduate Graphite.
For the art workshop the starting point is a sketch block. So here is Canson Graduate Schizzo, designed to fix all ideas, imaginative notes, essential details, presents a light-grained, resistant and thick paper for each hand: free, strong, indecisive, meticulous.
For the lesson in drawing and art history, there is the Canson Graduate Drawing block: with its pure white point it is the ideal support for all colors, such as the vivid one of LYRA Graduate pencils.
We then move on to the artistic laboratory with the study from life and anatomical models. Here the base is a block with ocher colored paper, like that of Canson Graduate Ocher Mixed Techniques, perfect for those who love warm colors. To work with the play of light there is instead the noble gray of Canson Graduate Gray Mixed Techniques.

For the artistic watercolor laboratory there is the new Canson Graduate Acquerello with high weight paper and excellent water absorption capacity. The fine grain, not too pronounced, makes it perfect for watercolor, pencils and water-soluble pastels and its pure white enhances the brilliance of the pigments.
For the pictorial disciplines the block is the one for mixed techniques on which to alternate markers and watercolor colored pencils. Here is the robust and versatile paper of the new Canson Graduate Mixed Techniques Wet. Ready to support generous amounts of water, it is ideal for students who paint with watercolor, gouache, pastels, crayons and easily dilutable markers such as those from Lyra Aqua Brush Duo.
For graphic and pictorial disciplines, the base is Canson Graduate Oil and Acrylic, a block with robust and versatile paper, natural white, designed for all acrylic, vinyl and oil colors. The grain resembles the linen canvas of paintings. Perfect for kicking off your creations, the very new Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil.

And for the decoration and pop-up workshop there is Canson Graduate Black: smooth surface and deep black create an intense play of light and contrasts. A paper designed to enhance the most intense and covering pigments such as those of the Lyra Graduate Mark All range.
And to write down diagrams, diagrams, drawings, illustrations for technical and in-depth studies, Canson Perforated drawing paper. A line of punched cards that fits every ring binder. And to write and underline with a single tool, Lyra Graduate Duo Sign, the double-ended pencil: on the one hand graphite HB on the other highlighter.

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