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Colourbook - Back to School 2020

Colourbook back to school collection: Super colorful Pop icons

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Smart colors and Pop prints: Happy Back to scholl with Colourbook
From vintage icons to kawaii, up to the latest “eco” trends, the new collection of the brand colors the school … and beyond.

Tender, fun and iconic: the new Colourbook Back to School 2020/21 collection, between references with an oriental flavor and vintage references to the video games of the past, takes us into a pop and colorful world, in the typical style of the brand.

Lots of nuances, patterns and prints that make each product unique and unconventional. Not a simple accessory for school or even for the office, but a real symbol of lifestyle.Colourbook - Back to School 2020Pastellosa
Cutie and delicate in colors, the new Pastellosa line is destined to become one of the most loved by girls. Many different graphics, for each type of product, including sushi, kokeshi dolls, lollipops and popcorn, on a journey from the West to the Far East.

Among the many novelties of the line, the irresistible MiniPoly, the polionda briefcase, which in its A5 format, is versatile and useful for school, to keep the desk tidy and more. A glam accessory, with a super trendy design, to always carry with you, but also a gift box or a nice gift idea.

Classic Games
The game as a dictat, to explore new “parallel worlds” and let the imagination travel, even far in time. Classic video games inspired by the past are the protagonists of the Classic Games line. From spiral notebooks, to diaries, to stationery, bright colors and vintage and absolutely recognizable graphic elements are the protagonists of a whole line, captivating and trendy.

As for a soap bubble or the wings of a butterfly, so romantic and impalpable, the iridescent nuances of the Iridescent line represent its peculiarity. With contrasting prints and writings, in black and fluorescent colors, the line is completed with cases, with three zips and glittery lining in three colors, for real fashion victims who never want to stop shining.

4 fluo colors and 4 pastels for the new Colourbook calculators, a must at school as well as in the office, which with their minimal and lively design, will bring a breath of joy and positivity.

Both for the more classic table version, and for the more glamorous one, to take with you, a new design and a large display, with 3 memory buttons and dual power, battery and solar power. With 12 or 8 digits, all Colourbook calculators have a useful auto-off system.Colourbook - Back to School 2020Colourbook Art
New entry in the Colourbook Art line, dedicated to those who love art and painting, are pastel, metal and glitter tempera colors, bright and trendy, with which to indulge in sparkling creations. As always, all of high quality made in Italy, easily mixable and washable from hands and fabrics, are the best to give space to imagination and creativity in complete safety.

Protect Your World
Among the many colors and patterns in the collection, this year Colourbook focuses on “green”, with the aim of raising awareness among young people on environmental issues and respect for the ecosystem.

And it does so with a special project, which began with the launch of the new full-color and BPA free Water bottles, based on an eco-friendly philosophy, which the brand continues with the products of the new collection, because even small daily choices can make the difference.

Make way for 2021 diaries and notebooks made with recycled paper and fabrics and regenerated leather, with covers with a particular jeans or hammered effect, which manage to perfectly combine the choice of an original accessory with an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

Not just school …
Part of the collection are the new fluo cases and pen sachets also glittered, the Maxi-touch notebooks that explode in 12 new colors, the very tender Kawaii and fluo correctors and the World spiral wounds, with their 6 new locations.

Colourbook creates everything you need for school, the office or simply to keep on your desk to color your days with passion!

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