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Saraghin kidswear . Back to school

A back to school with sun on the head with two new Saraghina Kids models

by Gaia Schiavetti
Who said that back to school can’t have a touch of summer? Saraghina Kids, for example, has chosen to start this year “back to school” with two colorful models that recall the summer.

If your children are sporty and summer lovers, they will love these two sunglasses models  designed to accompany them in a life that finally becomes active and (almost) normal. Saraghina Kids wants to convey the enthusiasm of colors in two models with round and square lenses with crystal effect frames. Red, yellow, orange and lime green explode in always contrasting combinations.Saraghin kidswear . Back to schoolSeptember made itself felt immediately with its cooler temperatures, yet the sun is still strong and is illuminating these days that precede a long-awaited recovery. It will take patience, attention and commitment for such a unique back to school and we all want children to be ready.

That’s why comfortable clothing and accessories can make a difference. Relying on well-made products, designed to accompany them in every situation, we ensure a style that is not useless but that hides inimitable comfort.Saraghin kidswear . Back to schoolLet’s take a closer look at the two Saraghina Kids back to school models. The model with square lenses has an iconic and timeless design illuminated by the crystal effect frame. Color is the final touch that transforms the iconic model into a new and energetic eyewear… for little scamps!

The model with round lenses by Saraghina Kids is instead a more fashionable approach to back to school. This model has a cut in step with trends but the essential cut makes it suitable for any situation. Crystal effect and super colorful frame: this model, like the other, features contrasting colors in all colors for an extra touch of energy and style. The model is on sale in the Saraghina eyewear online shop at 75 euros.

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