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Pandora Espressioni iconiche

Pandora Iconic expressions

How does a jewelry brand with a long and rich history celebrate the twentieth anniversary of one of its most iconic jewels? For Pandora, the month of September will be the perfect time to celebrate the Pandora Moments bracelet, when it will present the new jewels characterized by a reinterpretation of the distinctive design elements known by Pandora fans around the world.

For this occasion, a new snake mesh bracelet with an innovative and elegant clasp will be introduced in the Pandora Icons collection, as well as a new series of snake mesh jewelry inspired by the iconic Pandora Moments bracelet.Pandora Iconic expressionsThe iconic Pandora Moments bracelet in world famous snake link was presented for the first time in 2000 and immediately became a distinctive jewel of Pandora’s design. Characterized by the right balance between feminine and masculine characteristics and by a simple but rich in details design, the snake sweater is the perfect texture to express yourself.

During the creation of the new jewels for the celebrations, the Pandora design team experimented with new ways to use the snake shirt, while maintaining its main characteristics. Pandora Iconic expressionsThey have thus created a new bracelet, a charm, a pendant, earrings and a ring, which will be part of the Pandora Icons collection and which represent the extraordinary origins of the brand and celebrate the anniversary.
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