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Magnetic Eyes

Magnetic Eyes by Grace Pace for an intense, long-lasting look

Magnetic Eyes: eyelash coloring for an intense and long-lasting look.

Once again Grace Pace surprises with truly fantastic treatments, which in addition to making us more attractive, facilitate and speed up our daily care.

Grace Pace student and former partner of Aldo Coppola, successful hairstylist, with her project “Very Grace” not only dedicates herself to the discovery of treatments and products aimed at hair care, her passion and experience goes beyond always looking for something new to be proposed as in this case with Magnetic Eyes, the treatment that gives an intense, warm, deep look, to both women and men, paying attention to the natural and curative With “Magnetic Eyes” the treatment that it offers to customers in centers where Grace collaborates, through natural products such as henna, intensifies the look without a shadow of make-up, therefore suitable for both women than to man.Magnetic EyesThe treatment begins with an eye contour massage of an organic moisturizing cream, a small protective cuddle, then proceeds to the application, eyelash by eyelash, of a layer of product which, in addition to giving color pigmentation: black brown, intense black, black blue, will create a longer and thicker effect on the lashes, often difficult to achieve considering that the tips of the lashes tend to lighten due to atmospheric oxygen, sun, chlorine.Magnetic EyesAn absolutely natural product that strengthens and colors, with an application of about 10/18 minutes depending on the thickness of the stem. The duration of the color can be up to 30 days but, to have a more intense and lasting look, given the natural renewal of the eyelashes, Grace recommends a touch-up every 20/25 days, moreover the more the treatment is repeated the more the lashes thicken and strengthen.Magnetic Eyes“Magnetic Eyes” is a treatment that Grace has been doing for 20 years and which is requested above all by sportsmen or people who do water sports in the pool or at the sea, but it is also very suitable for those with thin, slightly faded or for all women who do not want to use mascara, in fact with the Grace treatment mascara can be absolutely forgotten.Magnetic EyesThe costs of the treatment vary depending on the type of eyelash from 38 to 48 euro while for teenagers and university students the cost is 20 euro. The treatment is available in all salons affiliated with Very Grace Milano, by appointment only at: +39 334 6409241.

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