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Millie Bobby Brown X Vogue Eyewear

Millie Bobby Brown X Vogue Eyewear

P.Rew.: avenue Press Office
Highlighting the brand’s accessible, fashion-inspired design concept and empowering spirit, this year Vogue Eyewear welcomes a fresh new face to its portfolio of inspiring women: Millie Bobby Brown.
Millie Bobby Brown is an award-winning Gen Z actress, activist and influencer – she literally embodies everything Vogue Eyewear stands for. Inspiring, inclusive and real, her unique spirit interprets the latest trends with original confidence, inviting women to own their unique vision of life.

Plus, the young Time 100-listed multi-hyphenate is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Loved by top brands for her spontaneous, totally personal approach to designer apparel, Millie’s look always keeps it 100% real.

And if seeing is believing, Millie proves that she has what it takes to transform her super-natural talent into must-have fashion status with her very own Capsule Collection, co-designed with Vogue Eyewear.

Millie Bobby Brown X Vogue EyewearDefined by her unique ability to connect with a diverse audience, the eclectic selection of trendy sun and optical shapes frames the multi-faceted personalities of in-the-now women with expressive style.

Designed to fit any mood in anything from feminine pastels on retro-chic metal to bold, stand-out profiles and space age lens shapes, premium quality materials and head-turning style make sure that each and every one of these signature looks makes the cut with irresistible, Millie Bobby Brown-endorsed appeal.

“I am so excited to be collaborating with Vogue Eyewear on my first eyewear collection. Vogue Eyewear is all about fun, exciting and fashion forward style – it’s a great match! This collection is designed to appeal to every girl, no matter the current trends, and also be affordable and accessible.” – Millie Bobby Brown.

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