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Tod's, Spring Summer 2021 women's and men's collections

Tod’s, Spring Summer 2021 women’s and men’s collections

A song, a chord of voice and several instruments, materializes in the discovery, room after room, of Villa Necchi, bringing inside the casual nonchalance of a collection that captures the traces of an ideal grand tour in the open air in easy forms, essential and on surfaces, always washed, alive, worn by the sun and water. And as in a song each instrument, alone, is naked and raw, so the spirit of the reduction to the essential, the taste of the elegantly unfinished give character to the pieces, the feeling of life lived.

At the head of T Factory, the Creative Director Walter Chiapponi works on the Tod’s lifestyle, proposing a reading that is both eccentric and spontaneous, always personal and definitely made by humans. While the wardrobe is made up of archetypal garments, the accessories explode Tod’s know-how, the excellence of the workmanship in a multiplication of details and hand-made elements.Irina Shayk . Tod's, Spring Summer 2021 women's and men's collectionsFor her, the washed split or canvas Safari jackets, the liquid dusters, the patchwork leather blousons and then the pleated trousers and the long shirts are the respectable pieces of a summer trip.

Accessories free imagination and joy. The gommino sandals are decorated with studs and closed with laces that rise to the ankle; the foot is almost bare on the high cork wedges. The plexiglass of the hourglass heels creates an immaterial counterpoint to the present and tactile materiality of the leather sandals.Tod's, Spring Summer 2021 women's and men's collectionsThe boots are made of canvas. The archive T Timeless recurs as a sign on moccasins and bags with a geometric profile. The shoppers are made with a minimum number of cuts, the buckets are made of leather. Soft, deconstructed bags are envelopes made by folding large pieces of fine leather. Tod’s Oboe bag is the new version of the hobo with a soft profile.

The men’s wardrobe has an intensely lived-in aspect, formal in its absolute informality. The spirit of the urban traveler is captured by the four patch pockets of the field jacket, an indispensable must of the season in drill or split leather. The same nonchalant perfection is found in the polo shirt, in the shirt with patch pockets, in the yarn pullovers, in the trousers with soft volumes.

The protagonists in the accessories are the washed chamois and the splits, and then the large stitches that accentuate the idea of ​​the hand-made and that characterize the oversized fringed Gommini, also in the ankle version, and then the sneakers.Tod's, Spring Summer 2021 women's and men's collectionsThe tasseled boat shoes have white, nautical soles. The bags are soft, capacious and functional, or have clear profiles and closures sealed by the archive T Timeless. The signs blend freely, like a journey.

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