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Rocostru “ Future Living” Spring Summer 2021 collection (Fashion Film)

Ricostru “Future Living” Spring Summer 2021 collection

The Ricostru Spring Summer 2021 collection is the debut fashion collection of Ricostru’s “Future Living ” project, which will be officially launched in 2021 with brand-new concepts. Inspired by “Oriental futurism“, it inherits the brand’s experimental creativity in R&D and notion of sustainability.

The collection consists of environmental-friendly product lines, including clothing, accessories and lifestyle, marking a new milestone for the second ten years of Ricostru.  Ricostru  thinks boldly about living conditions in the future world. It portrays the virtual image of how people will dress at home in the future, combining three different styles: “Oriental”, ” Retro” and “Futuristic”.Rocostru “ Future Living” Spring Summer 2021 collection (Fashion Film)“Home wear” and “Lingerie” are two key elements to be transformed into Ricostru’s signature silhouettes. The extensive application of reflective fabric, metallic fabric and materials with highsaturation colors contribute to the futuristic touch of “home wear”. 

The use of Chinese mandarin collars, Chinese bellyband and high-waist girdle also adds national features to “Oriental futurism”.Rocostru “ Future Living” Spring Summer 2021 collection (Fashion Film)The application of metal decorations and chains echoes the retro scientific elements of the Art Deco period, forming the highlight of the Ricostru collection. It also utilizes various new eco-friendly materials such as eco-friendly leather, eco-friendly coloring, biodegradable acetic acid and other environmental-friendly metal accessories, closely linking “Sustainability” with “Future”. Ricostru  worked with a group of Chinese visual talents to produce a fashion film in the concept of “Future Living” to present the Spring Summer2021 collection.Rocostru “ Future Living” Spring Summer 2021 collection (Fashion Film)Apart from the original script and soundtrack, many other creative measures have also been employed to make the film, including location-shooting implying dreams and the future world, CG production technique to build Oriental-style buildings, color grading using creative film stimulation techniques and styling as well as hair accessories that reflect the plot specially made for the film. This fashion film will have its world debut online at the Spring Summer 2021 Milan Fashion Week.
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