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Mes Demoiselle Paris Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

Mes Demoiselle Paris Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

“7 Quai Voltaire”
Mes Demoiselles Paris Fall Winter 2020/21 collection was born in the seventh arrondissement of Paris: 7 Quai Voltaire Paris.

Setting of novels by the writer Balzac and place of the death of the French philosopher who gave it its name, Quai Voltaire is today a district of Paris known precisely for the sale of books and antique shops.

And it is precisely from here, where one of the stores of the same brand is based, that the story of the new Fall Winter 2020/21 collection by Mes Demoiselles Paris starts, a story without time and place, enigmatic and fascinating, typically Parisian.Mes Demoiselles Paris Autunno Inverno 2020/21 The jumpsuit, the kimono, the long and shaped dress, the pullovers, the parka, the skirt, the coat, the wide blouse and the accessories remain faithful to the unmistakable entico-chic style that distinguishes the brand, thus mixing traditional and elegant with exotic-inspired prints and patterns.

The story that Anita Radovanovic writes in this collection gives life to exotic fairy tales that take us to the East with the prints of Persian rugs on the velvet of trousers, kimonos and dresses,

in South America with geometric patterns on blouses, pullovers and the iconic poncho, in India with rough washed fabrics in degradé shades, up to the floral motifs representative of the brand printed on mini dresses, skirts and shirts.

This trip could only end in Paris with polka dots, elegant black velvet dresses, shimmering outerwear and very fine perforated sweaters. The printed and solid colored silks, the lamé fabrics, the precious wools, the strictly eco coats and the knitted sweaters, make the collection rich, sophisticated, versatile and ageless.Mes Demoiselles Paris Autunno Inverno 2020/21 “7 Quai Voltaire”The universe that manages to recreate Mes Demoiselles Paris with its ethereal atmospheres and at the same time super contemporary and urban style make this brand unmistakable, an expression of the designer’s vision of the world: without borders, timeless but with a great soul.
P.Rew.: Teresa La Fosca Pr.

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