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Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2021collection . photo by Alice Dellal

Green art in the new Spring Summer 2021 collection by Vivienne Westwood

by Giorgia Crescia
An openly unisex, eco-sustainable collection that plays with shapes and patterns and takes its inspiration from the traditional British tailoring of Seville Row, it is, obviously, the new Spring Summer 2021 line by Vivienne Westwood.

The designer maintains her peculiar characters such as the use of patterns and motifs, lines, polka dots ranging from micro to macro, thick pinstripes, flowers, asymmetrical cuts, a play of details and dimensions with an important goal: showing an only collection per year.

The innovative touch of this new collection is the collaboration with two artists outside the brand, Chrisse Hynde singer and punk guitarist who loves to paint and Anthony Newton artist who has been fighting a serious illness for years.Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2021collection . photo by Alice DellalThe idea of ​​using the singer’s paintings as prints came from Andreas as Vivienne Westwood herself says and for having used her art, the brand made a donation to one of the non-profit organizations supported by Chrisse Hynde, Ahimsa Milk a network of farms that do not kill their own cows.

The collaboration with Anthony Newton derives from the idea that his designs could be seen as a large mural and that placed on the brand’s garments they would give that lace or tromp l’oeil effect.

Obviously, also in the Spring Summer 2021 line, by Vivienne Westwood, the sustainability theme is important, the entire line is composed of organic cotton, produced without the use of pesticides, biodegradable and vegan, from organic silk produced with less waste of water, polyester and recycled denim certified by the “Global Recycled Standard”, wool production does not take place through brutal methods that lead to serious risks for animals.

Everything is produced in such a way as not to damage the earth and its living beings. The entire production is part of the 2011 “Detox my Fashion” campaign carried out by Greenpeace.

Colorful, exaggerated and very punk, the new collection presents men in twin-sets in fine knitwear with a string of pearls or with cardigans buttoned on the bare chest and puff sleeves for men and matching suits for women.

A rich and varied line in perfect Vivienne Westwood style that once again shows her mastery in knowing how to combine multiple patterns in a single look.

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