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Chanel Spring Summer 2021 collection . photo by Olivier Salillant

Spectacular austerity: Chanel asks for a total white glamour – Spring Summer 2021 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
A total white scenario against which a legendary name stands out: Chanel presented its Spring Summer 2021 collection in a minimal but spectacular background in which the needs are reduced to the basics, a great name and a perfect background that enhances each color and every detail.

In a particular moment in which every industry reinvents itself, Chanel, which has always represented fashion in its impromptu form, knows how to eliminate all the grandeur of the previous locations to rely on tangible certainties.

Chanel, a name that still makes you dream today and that has gone through incredible social moments, collects a new experience during an almost absurd piece of history by presenting the Spring Summer 2021 collection with delicacy and austerity.Chanel Spring Summer 2021 collectionOn the white background reminiscent of a whitewashed Hollywood, the colors of an energetic Spring Summer explode that are tinged with classic navy, black, white and cream interrupted decisively by pink, red, blue.

The classic tweed is declined in richly nuanced colors, the suits are minimal and with strong lines: they prefer an austere and frugal elegance that is illuminated only by the brand’s iconic accessories, including jewelry. In minimalism Chanel is shy here and there a bit of healthy eccentricity given by feathers, lace and flowing lines of tops and pants.Chanel Spring Summer 2021 collectionThe leather jackets have an 80s mood and add an incredible character to this Spring Summer 2021 collection. Urban accents on the garments with neon graphics in which the Chanel lettering in different fonts enhances the simple lines of dresses and t- shirt to wear even in a chic version.Chanel Spring Summer 2021 collection . photo by Olivier SalillantWomen’s Bermuda shorts appear, a comfortable and versatile garment with a strong trendy component in Spring Summer 2021, also Chanel makes us appreciate them  in different fabrics, from black leather to the more sophisticated model in pink with a black band combined with the jacket.

The marked make-up expresses the rock soul of the Spring Summer 2021 collection in which even the most elegant garments give away a little of their personality to favor trendy elements that are expressed in cuts, colors, details and workmanship.

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