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Ray-Ban, You’re On - New Adv Campaign

Ray-Ban, You’re On – New  Adv Campaign

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Light can be elusive. There are times when you can indulge in the sun, while other times you have to settle for some ray. But we are always looking for the sun. And we celebrate the light, even in the darkest moments, chasing away the black clouds that are looming on the horizon. With our Ray-Ban, no challenge scares us. We are ready.

In this truly exceptional time, we need to be true to ourselves more than ever. Ray-Ban’s new communication platform, You’re On, celebrates life lived in the present, with snapshots of authentic and unbridled joy. Capture spontaneous moments of pure energy, where we reveal the most authentic version of ourselves.

The campaign shows two guys struggling with a pinball machine, completely immersed in the game and regardless of their surroundings. Today we continually undergo the gaze of others, feeling conditioned and constantly brooding over our lives instead of living every moment.Ray-Ban, You’re On - New Adv CampaignThe protagonists of the campaign, with their Ray-Ban models, show themselves in an authentic way, enjoying the present without worrying about who is looking at them. A pair of Ray-Bans gives you the confidence you need to perform at your best. Even when it seems like all eyes are on you. Even in the darkest moments, You’re On.

Paying homage to the timeless essence of Ray-Ban, the campaign portrays iconic models with more authentic aesthetics than ever. The I-Shape Octagon frame embodies the free and carefree spirit of the Sixties and Seventies, thanks to the oversized geometries and expressive personality. Inspired by the Ray-Ban archives, the model is designed for those who want to be themselves.

Directly from the nineties, the Frank model re-proposes the original colors and the vintage golden Ray-Ban logo. The light metal frame is synonymous with fun and creativity, regardless of everyone’s way of being. Wayfarer, born in the 1950s, has always been a cult model for dreamers, adventurers and pop culture legends. The Wayfarer family reinvents itself through State Street, with the elegant square acetate frame available in a selection of colors, for a contemporary style. The campaign will be featured on the main social media, to involve the public on multiple levels.Ray-Ban, You’re On - New Adv CampaignRay-Ban will be the first brand in Europe to launch a Gamified Branded Effect, the latest TikTok innovation among the Branded Effects that uses augmented reality. The “You’re On” story will be implemented through an engaging gaming experience, with a virtual pinball machine controllable with the eyebrows, accumulating points and activating particular sound effects, all framed by the fluorescent elements of the visuals and the innate style of sunglasses. Rayban. The Gamified Branded Effect will be available among the trendy effects of TikTok, allies to give vent to creativity.

Available starting November 24 in Italy, Spain, France and Germany and November 26 in the UK, this fully immersive option will allow you to share your experience with 100 million TikTok users across the vast European community.
You cannot predict the light. But with Ray-Ban you are always ready to capture it, living every day in the present. You’re on.

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