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Very Italian, Very Franciacorta

Very Italian, Very Franciacorta

P.Rew.: Bertelli Pigola p.r.
We are many people who work together to create something excellent. We are many realities, each with its own characteristics. We are nature and technique, past and future, tradition and vision. Very Italian, Very Franciacorta.

Franciacorta 30 years of passion
30 years of us. Thirty years of the Franciacorta Consortium, certainly celebrated in a complicated and difficult year. Precisely for this reason, however, this goal is even more a reason for pride, a driving force and a positive force that pushes us forward. Proud of our ancient culture that gives life to fine wines, in the continuous search for perfect harmony between our product and the nature that gives it to us.Very Italian, Very FranciacortaA toast to Franciacorta with Franciacorta
Toasting together has always been a gesture of good luck, a good omen for oneself and one’s family and friends. Franciacorta is the perfect wine to accompany this gesture made of emotions: thanks to its well-balanced acidity that gives freshness and flavor. Floral and fruity scents, notes of yeast, bread crust and delicate nuances of citrus fruits (mandarin, lime, grapefruit), white pulp fruit (peach, apple, pear) and dried fruit (almond, hazelnut, dried figs).Very Italian, Very FranciacortaFranciacorta, the wine
With the approach of the Christmas holidays, what better occasion to discover Franciacorta, our wine in all its forms: Franciacorta, Franciacorta Rosé, Franciacorta Satèn, Franciacorta Millesimato and Riserva.

Each with its own characteristics and taste notes, personality and complexity. A universe made of excellence and diversity, 132 wineries nestled between Lake Iseo, the Po Valley and the Pre-Alps, which work together to preserve biodiversity, a viticulture that has as its primary objective a balance with the environment, which preserves natural resources by enhancing them.

Franciacorta territory and food and wine
Sight, smell, taste: Franciacorta wine is a sensory journey. A perfect wine for a perfect combination with all the food and wine excellences of the Franciacorta table: a land rich in products to discover, from appetizers to desserts.Very Italian, Very FranciacortaCheeses such as Robiola Bresciana or Fatulì della Val Saviore (Slow Food Presidium), from lake fish to honey, from salami such as Salame di Monte Isola or Lard flavored with Curtefranca up to typical desserts such as Bossolà (typical traditional Christmas dessert of the province of Brescia).

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