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Gift for Christmas 2020: our anti-anxiety guide – part 2

by  Gaia Schiavetti
Dear readers, here we are again with the second part of the guide to gifts for Christmas 2020, our little anti-anxiety editorial to help you choose the best gifts for all tastes. Our stylist has curated this selection for you, take a good look at the gallery at the bottom to get some ideas on the gifts mentioned in the 2020 Christmas gift guide. We come to us immediately with some cute and curious ideas, today we will also talk about sports funniest gifts: toys for children!

Before starting with the sports equipment, I would like to point out among the gifts for friends also the masks: basic and well made for those looking to mix the accessory with everyday, eccentric and perhaps Christmas outfits to make a witty gift. Now we can continue with sports articles: as we told you in this period, many lazy people have decided to go back to sports because you know, health is never more important than now. But after all, beyond the new converts we have all those friends who are passionate about sports so we are sure that these tips will come in handy.Very Italian, Very FranciacortaIf you are among the lucky few to have a cycle path near home, if you can get to work by bike without sweating too many shirts, we recommend that you opt for a beautiful quality bicycle, the recipients will be delighted. Or you can go on accessories by giving a helmet that means above all safety! Bicycles are also a wonderful gift for children who want to do their first rides. Swimmers friends? Think of an Olympic swimsuit in perfect fibers for movements, perhaps in some trendy and bright colors. Whatever sport your gift recipients practice, sports and performance clothing are very important. You can give gloves for skiing, mountain or cycling. Or maybe socks suitable for various sports that keep your feet warm but ensure performance and flexibility.

AftershokzClimbing enthusiasts? Give away specific equipment. Sports enthusiasts also usually love the technological equipment that can accompany them during training such as action cameras. If you have more nerdy friends than sports and you want to go to electronics, obviously the first advice is smartphones but for a less demanding expense do not forget the latest generation accessories such as wireless power banks, comfortable and innovative.

Gifts that require very little effort? For all those people whose tastes we may not know very well, we can use the boxes that usually contain a variety of products. Think of the boxes that contain culinary specialties or personal care products. Very nice those dedicated to him for beard or skin care. Even gift boxes containing perfumes are a very welcome gift, maybe try to discover your frined’s favorite perfume so you don’t mess up.


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Brands often include cute gadgets or skin care products from the same line in their boxes.Prices are almost always quite affordable. If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy a single fragrance, the rule is always the same: try to know the tastes of those who will receive it for a pleasant surprise. Before I told you about toys, so now let’s go into the fantastic world of children. With a letter for Santa Claus in hand again this year you will head to the toy shops, full of colors and fun.

If you have few indications, however, the choice could be difficult so we leave you some advice in the gallery because there are games that never disappoint. Opt for manual games with clay and plasticine that stimulate the children’s imagination or on a classic train or games that make them feel adults such as reproductions of appliances, perhaps to be combined with a mini kitchen.

Do you need elegant gifts? Give the best bottles of wines or spirits perhaps in wonderful Christmas packaging. Gifts for the home? For a couple who inaugurates their new home or for mothers, fathers and aunts and uncles who love to take care of the table, you can choose elegant and iconic sets of plates or glasses to be used on special occasions. Do not forget that the candles enclosed in elegant and luxurious packaging are a very welcome and elegant gift … and choose a super scented one!

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