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Rachele-Cotton-Canvas-Black-Black - Nosetta Fall Winter 2020/21 “bags” collection

Nosetta Fall Winter 2020/21 “bags” collection

“Nosetta” All the warmth of the cold season: romantic and contemporary fabrics
P.Rew.: Nosetta
The beauty of fashion is its ability to invent and reinvent itself. And, never as in this moment, that of living in one’s own time.

The new Nosetta Fall Winter 2020/21 bags collection marries the intimate scenario predicted by Armani, according to which “people will always want more garments that last”. The brand declares eternal loyalty to slow fashion, inspired by the “smartest” winter ever. A cold season that reveals itself in all its warmth and simplicity, directing the choice of tones and materials.Rachele-Cotton-Canvas-Black-Black - Nosetta Fall Winter 2020/21 “bags” collectionThe protagonist fabrics are a soft three-dimensional velvet, a 100% pinstripe wool with regular and reassuring lines, and luxury cottons signed by Limonta.

The nuances are neutral and discreet like the fog and the ash of the fireplace or penetrating like the marc and the purplish of the wild fruits. Romanticism is tinged with black and stimulates our creativity with a sensory game between crinkled fabric and silky ribbon.Rachele-Cotton-Canvas-Black-Black - Nosetta Fall Winter 2020/21 “bags” collectionAmong the bags, in addition to the confirmed line of shoppers and wallets, the new Rachele stands out. A structured but light and extremely functional trunk: double top zip, adjustable shoulder strap, three compartments and two inside pockets, all in top quality cotton canvas and finishes in Tuscan vegetable tanned leather. 

The impeccable Italian craftsmanship blends with Nosetta’s minimalist stylistic research resulting in a durable product that never fails to tire.

“We want to give a cuddle together with an object that accompanies the wearer season after season, responding to a conscious logic and in line with the times”.

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