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Beach & Cashmere Monaco

Beach & Cashmere Monaco creates a sustainable collection: from recycled sails to glamorous dresses

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Beach & Cashmere Monaco creates a sustainable collection entirely made with used sails from the Emerald Class 888 of the Yacht Club of Monaco: from recycled sails to glamorous clothes.

Beach & Cashmere Monaco
, is a Monegasque brand founded in 2005 by Federica Nardoni Spinetta. The brand reflects the creative spirit of Monte Carlo’s chic attitude: luxury products appreciated for their quality, style, elegance and glamor.

Beach & Cashmere Monaco has been creating and producing sustainable collections for many years. The first was the Save the Ocean collection, created to raise awareness of ocean pollution and produced with sustainable fabrics and materials recovered from the sea, such as fishing nets.

This collection was followed by others that are always sustainable, such as the Save the Reef dedicated to the Coral Reef, the Save the Nature, to raise awareness of animal protection or the No Waste, produced with waste fabrics. Furthermore, some of the collections are Timeless, in order to reduce waste and act towards the environment.

Beach & Cashmere Monaco
Beach & Cashmere Monaco

Federica Nardoni Spinetta, inspired by her passion for the sea and her commitment to sensitize and protect our Planet, recently launched the “Under Full Sails” collection, in collaboration with the Classe Smeralda 888 of the Monaco Yacht Club, which provided used and broken sails, instead of throwing them away.

The Classe Smeralda 888, designed by the famous naval architect German Frers, is an 8.88 m boat with 3 crew members and helmsman. S.A.R. Prince Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, winner of several series championships, currently ensures the Presidency and the future of the class.

The collection wants to share the innovative idea of ​​using recycled sails, broken or used sails that usually go to waste, producing high quality and sustainable garments. Furthermore, the collection was produced totally in lockdown and is a timeless collection. Each outfit is unique and entirely handmade with 100% recycled sails and the result is surprising. The collection combines elegant simplicity and sophisticated modernism.

Recycled sails are used as «Haute Couture fabrics», creating glamorous and sustainable outfits: high quality garments that respect the environment: from recycled sails to glamorous outfits. The collection features different products such as dresses, tops and skirts, made entirely with regenerated used sails and original sail ropes, halyards and carabiners.

Even the names of the outfits are inspired by the sea and borrowed from the Rosa dei Venti: from the Mistral dress to the Ponente skirt; from the Tramontane dress to the Libeccio top; from the Sirocco Top to the Gregale skirt; from the Ostro top to the Levante skirt.

With the Under Full Sails collection of salvaged sails. Beach and Cashmere Monaco wants to incorporate both a small part of the history of the ocean and, at the same time, the idea of ​​recycling, avoiding further waste.

The garments are produced with different types of sails: from the colored sails of the Spinnaker to the technical ones for regattas; but the most used ones remain the classic sails in teflon or dacron, since this material gives us the possibility to paint directly on the sail, allowing the customization and the creation of different designs.

The common thread that accompanies the Beach & Cashmere Monaco collections is the commitment to sustainability, ethics and awareness: a true eco-awareness that translates into a respectful attitude towards the environment, which makes the difference by reflecting the need for a change more necessary than ever.

«After having sailed around the world, in wild seas, we have given a new life to these sails … 
… They have taken the route of a new journey, the journey of fashion. “

The designer and owner of the brand, Federica Nardoni Spinetta, firmly believes in sustainability and is committed to raising awareness and protecting our planet, playing an active role in encouraging positive change, promoting sustainability, creating a better and cleaner world for generations to come

He also recently launched the #sustainabletogether movement along with many other sustainable designers around the world and is promoting lectures and conferences on sustainability.

«I firmly believe that sustainable fashion is the future. We must act in a greener way for our planet and for ourselves. One of the main objectives of my brand is to focus on sustainable and ethical fashion and to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting our planet and the life in it, following the guidelines of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco ».

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