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Simonetta Ravizza e Milano...

Simonetta Ravizza’s young style for the Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

by Adele Decarolis
A young and fresh style is what Simonetta Ravizza thought for her Fall Winter 2020/21 collection.

A modern woman perfectly represents this style: she is always busy, so she needs comfortable but at the same time elegant outfits. The essential elements of this collection are long and short jackets in faux fur, soft sweaters, faux leather trousers and boots with a little heel: all of them, combined, surely make noticed the wearer.Simonetta Ravizza e Milano...Stand out the outfits entirely composed of light colors, such as beige and white trousers and coats, but there are also darker outfits, some of them characterized by leopard print details.

Accessories are extremely important and, as it is possibile to notice, the particular faux fur bags, hats and sunglasses are really frequent.Simonetta Ravizza e Milano...Milan, being an extremely modern city, has unconsciously become the set of the daily fashion show of the woman protagonist of the collection of Simonetta Ravizza, who has managed to create a perfect mix of modernity and sophistication, suitable for everyday needs.

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