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Beautiful Curvy calendar 2021

Beautifulcurvy 2021: the best of a revolutionary project

by Gaia Schiavetti
New year, same life… but new calendar! And as you well know, for us the calendar has only one name: Beautifulcurvy.
Barbara Christmann‘s project dedicated to the enhancement of plus-size bodies, inclusiveness and body positivity, adds another edition to its history. For 2021 no new photos, no new inspiration.  The new edition of the Beautifulcurvy 2021 calendar will be a celebration of some of the best photos from previous editions.Beautiful Curvy calendar 2021Barbara Christmann in fact confessed to us the difficulties and fears arising from the Covid emergency which made it very difficult to create a new edition in the same way as the previous ones. Hence the idea of ​​collecting the most beautiful photos of previous editions in the 2021 edition of Beautifulcurvy.

In short, a celebratory edition that makes a difficult year a new starting point. We at Modadivas, like every year, had the privilege of viewing the Beautifulcurvy calendar in preview to tell you about it closely and we are really happy to talk about this project once again.Beautiful Curvy calendar 2021 Often Beutifulcurvy was a springboard for the girls who took part in the project, demonstrating that Barbara Christmann’s initiative was able to break stereotypes and open armored doors. The choice of images was not dictated only by aesthetics but also reasoned so that they communicate a positive message in a difficult historical moment.

A “Best of Beautifulcurvy”, a selection of past issues, is also available on the website www.beautifulcurvy.com. For those who watch Beautifulcurvy is a revolution and a pleasant aesthetic and human story.Beautiful Curvy calendar 2021For those who take part in the shots and in the project it is an opportunity, a chance and the beginning of a new vision of themselves. We invite you to support Beautifulcurvy, to admire its beauty and appreciate its message. The stories that intertwine in the project are also told on the site alongside fashion news, lifestyle, etc.

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