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Cettina Bucca Spring Sumer 2021 collection

The rebirth according to Cettina Bucca for the Spring Sumer 2021 collection

by Adele Decarolis
Rebirth is the name and the key word that describes the philosophy adopted by the Sicilian designer Cettina Bucca in the creation of her Spring Summer 2021 collection: the intention was to try to bring the light back after a period of darkness, finding the best things the universe can offer.

The light is represented by contrasts and bright colors, such as green, turquoise, rust, yellow and all other shades related to nature, in order to get fully in tune with the awakening thought by the designer, in which we must abandon the wrong habits, and return to respect our Mother Earth.Cettina Bucca Spring Sumer 2021 collectionAnother element that characterizes this collection is the presence of lively prints in which big and small characters come together, discovering a new type of uniqueness in the group and in sharing, which is one of the main values that inspired Cettina Bucca.Cettina Bucca Spring Sumer 2021 collectionThe typical fabrics used by Cettina Bucca are natural and carefully chosen: for this Spring Summer 2021 collection, linen, cotton and silk have been preferred.

The garments that are part of Rebirth have different lengths, some reaching the knee, and others reaching the ankle.Cettina Bucca Spring Sumer 2021 collectionThe volumes are less large and the color games less daring, but this does not lose the essential characteristics of the brand.

The collection was designed to enhance the female figure, to which the designer gives particular importance, recalling the strength of women and their ability to deal with any situation.

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