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San Valentino - Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day 2021: classic, spicy and useful gift ideas… Not just for couples!

by Gaia Schiavetti
Readers and readers, whatever your tastes in terms of partners, if you have one, that moment of the year has arrived and you can’t show up empty-handed! Valentine’s Day is upon us and we are here to help you buy the perfect gift.

We will then move from the classics to the most innovative gift ideas without forgetting practicality and utility. Let’s start with the timeless classics of Valentine’s Day: do you prefer chocolates or roses? If you opt for flowers but find it difficult to find them, I recommend that you take a look online because there are many brands and nurseries that offer deliveries while keeping flowers and plants intact. We do not underestimate the sweetness of a soft plush, especially for the youngest.BloomingToo obvious fuss is not for you? How about treating yourself to a special evening accompanied by excellent wine, prosecco or champagne? The elegance of the bottle is undisputed and the toast is the most reliable lucky charm. If you do not drink alcohol and prefer infusions and hot chocolates, you can think of a cup accompanied by your infusion or your favorite chocolate, you will already find kits suitable for Valentine’s Day or you can compose it yourself, perhaps by turning to small trusted activities, please don’t abandon them!

What is your favorite thing about your partner? If your answer is the scent of his skin, why not pay homage to him with his favorite fragrance? Man, woman? Or maybe unisex to wear the same perfume. Be careful with the choice, play it safe without experimenting too much or go to the great classics. Do you want a treat? Buy an intimate perfume and you will surely surprise your partner or your partner.

Maybe you can combine the fragrance with lingerie by choosing a black, red or pink outfit for her and witty boxers for him. Among the trendiest collections for women there’s the Lovable one worn by Clizia Incorvaia with transparencies and velvet details. For her, pajamas are also an excellent idea, especially if they are in silk or satin: sexy and quality!AlcooliqueNew experiences? Our column recommends an elegant inkwell with body paint dye. Let’s go back now to the comfort zone talking about jewels, is it true or not that diamonds are the best friends of women? Not of all women in reality and rather than diamonds I would recommend modern and design jewels to encourage the work of young designers and emerging brands.

Choose a large and particular earring, a bracelet with a pendant, a ring with stones and innovative shapes perhaps inspired by a heart or a flower. Green light to both sporty and elegant watches and smartwatches according to the occasions and tastes. Love is a mix of joys and pains, a bit like heels: they are beautiful and uncomfortable.

And they like them both men and women, so they are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! To be on the safe side, choose red or black decolleté or nude colors. Do you want to amaze? Opt for a model with an innovative and not obvious design that can enrich the wardrobe with a touch of class and design. Continuing with fashion, even the clothes are a very welcome gift from him and her, in short, imagine what a joy to receive just that garment you would like so much in the wardrobe! Impress with an elegant suit, a gorgeous suit, something more casual to wear to work, a blazer, sweatshirt or iconic denim jacket.Colourbook biglietto San Valentino me youOf course, let’s not forget the accessories: bags are a gift suitable for practically any occasion. Comfortable and trendy models not to make mistakes, to amaze go to unusual shapes and bright colors: evening bags are elegant but with a pinch of style they become a delight. Let’s also remember scarves, hats, bow ties, ties, hair accessories. Sunglasses and eyeglasses deserve to be included in the list of perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, if you can find the right frame or the much desired model you will have purchased a gift that lasts over the years.

For sportsmen and women we go to comfortable and trendy backpacks in seasonal colors. Let’s continue with sport: sports equipment, accessories, sneakers and thermal clothing are among the most requested and most used gifts so if you do not want to buy something superfluous here is what is right for you! Massagers are a trendy object that has spread above all thanks to social media and very very useful. Among the sportswear I would also include jackets and down jackets, suitable for both the mountains and the city are an excellent investment.

Let’s come to cosmetics: the new favorite sports of women and men are skincare and make-up! Choose creams, toners, cleansers, palettes, concealers, mascara, nail polishes, lip tints and lipsticks. Also opt for natural products such as handcrafted soap bars. Let’s not forget the pleasure of travel that sooner or later we will find again, the suitcases at this moment are an auspicious gift. Guess what everyone likes? Technology. Smartphones, bluetooth headphones, action cameras and power banks are among the most welcome Valentine’s gifts.

If you treat yourself to a special day between walks and lunches don’t forget to wear a mask, indeed buy two themed ones so they will make you smile and almost forget you have them! Ch said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? If you do not have a partner but there is someone you particularly care about who you want to give as a gift, do it and you will not regret it! On these occasions, even just a ticket is enough to give a smile!

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