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Garmin with the new smartwatch Lily, feminine elegance meets the monitoring of everyday life on the wrist of women

Garmin Lily: Refined technology dedicated to women
The novelty that opens in 2021 from Garmin is aimed at the female world, with the elegant smartwatch Lily.

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A new series that wants to accompany all users at any time of the day, finding the ideal combination of style and active life. Lily makes refinement and taste of her the main characteristics of her, merging in a unique way with Garmin technology, to help the wearer to take care of herself.

Elegance and design are now merged with technology and wellness, in a completely new key, characterized by that lightness and harmony that only a “pink” touch can give. Designed, designed and built by women for women, Lily was born, the new Garmin smartwatch aimed, in terms of style and functions, totally at the needs of users.

Attention to design and hi-tech details
Lily has a minimal and classic design, with a 34 mm diameter case, which adapts well to the size of each wrist: enveloping fit, also thanks to the fine T-lugs that secure the watch to the 14 mm wide strap, and comfort , with a total “feather weight” of about 24 grams.

The Lily smartwatch features a bright monochrome liquid crystal touchscreen display, which activates with a simple touch or flick of the wrist and turns off when not in use. Lily’s look is also enhanced by the dial featuring an elegant geometric pattern that makes the data shown on the screen clearly legible.Garmin wellness aunch GenX fitness carouselClassic and Sport: Two lifestyles, one elegance
Lily is available in the Classic and Sport versions, both characterized by refined timeless feminine nuances, for that particular and unique touch that every woman requires to complete her outfit.

Lily Classic has a soft Italian leather strap, provided in three evergreen colors in shades of white, dove gray and smoky gray, which blends perfectly with the stainless steel of the bezel and metal parts. One studied “tone-on-tone” embellished with fine geometric patterns on the dial, inspired by high fashion and at the same time discreet and suitable for everyday routine.

Lily Sport is aimed at a more dynamic and active woman, as well as her daily life that sees her always in motion. The silicone strap is designed to wear the smartwatch at all times, even during a yoga or pilates session. The colors are inspired by athleisure and turn to white, passing from sand to delicate purple. The motif of the dial, enclosed in a case with an aluminum bezel, the material of which the other metal elements are also made, recalls the world of nature, well-being and relaxation.

Take care of yourself with a look at your wrist
The new Lily smartwatch contains all Garmin know-how on the subject of wellness, so as to offer women a beautiful tool to wear and at the same time analyze their state of well-being.

Among the features of the new Garmin device we find the monitoring of breathing, the Pulse Ox pulse oximeter which analyzes the level of oxygenation of the blood, the control of the level of stress, hydration, sleep quality and 24-hour heart rate analysis. on 24, with a system of alerts to the user in case of anomalous detections related to the heartbeat. To all this, Lily also adds the Body Battery function that allows you to view the energy level of your body on the display, useful for programming workouts and rest times.Garmin wellness launch millenial fashionFurthermore, the monitoring of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy helps women during every phase, even the most particular and delicate ones, of their life. All logged data can be shared directly to your Garmin Connect ™ account. In addition to counting the steps taken and the related calories burned, Lily can connect to the GPS of your smartphone in order to accurately monitor the physical exercise performed during walks or runs outdoors.

Manage everyday life with style
The new Lily offers a real connection with your well-being throughout the day thanks to the battery with an autonomy of up to five days. It is also able to manage, if connected to a compatible smartphone, Smart Notification and the display of your daily agenda. In fact, it will be possible to receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages (to which Android ™ customers can also answer), directly on the display, as well as updates from social networks and the calendar.

But that’s not all: it also has options dedicated to the safety of the wearer, being able to send, if necessary, the position of the person in real time to the emergency contacts previously set. With the LiveTrack function, friends and relatives can remotely monitor the user’s activity by following him in his outdoor activities.

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