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Anteprima Fall Winter 2021/22

Anteprima kills the genre and reconnects with nature – Fall Winter 2021 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
These days you are reading various news on our magazine on many events involving fashion. Among your favorites are the Fashion Weeks so today I will return to the catwalks with Anteprima, the brand led by Izumi Ogino who created one of the most evocative digital fashion shows of the various world calendars.

Anteprima presented the Fall Winter 2021 collection with a video show, combined with moments of storytelling, set against a natural background that is nothing short of suggestive. “Reconnect” reads the closing video. An invitation to reconnect with the peace of nature, with the purity of the human soul.Anteprima Fall Winter 2021/22Reconnecting without words but with the look, the only contact that models and models exchange. Yes, I mentioned both of them because in the collection and in Anteprima’s narrative work for the Fall Winter 2021 collection, the genre ceases to exist and loses its unjustified importance. The clothes are minimal and clean as the style of the maison wants but this time they strip even more of any useless social convention.Anteprima Fall Winter 2021/22The Anteprima Fall Winter 2021 collection is a fusion of elements: the brand’s recognizable style, genderless minimalism, a new approach of respect and involvement towards nature. Everything is relaxed from the design, to the fabrics, to the story being told, and everything takes place in an impromptu atmosphere where sunlight reigns.

The colors immerse themselves in the landscape and delight the eye. The palette crosses red and its shades, meeting winter green, golden harvest, christmas rose and more neutral tones. Anteprima dresses kind individuals who make delicacy the new strength of our times.Anteprima Fall Winter 2021/22The layers overlap creating plays of shapes, colors and fabrics. The silhouette is soft and slender, skirts and trousers lengthen in favor of straight and very long cardigans. Lines break with cropped outerwear or exaggerate their softness with knit suits. Our favorite piece is the asymmetrical blazer with double lapels.

Every detail is taken care of above all in the cuts that caress but also know how to be decisive. In any case, they are moved by the wind in a determined and determined walk while everyone tries to reconnect and the common goal seems to be the sweetness of a glance.

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