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“Cassiopea” is the new 2021 collection by the designer Eleonora Altamore inspired by futurism

“Cassiopea” is the new 2021 collection by the designer Eleonora Altamore inspired by futurism

P.Rew.: Gisella Peana Press Office
Cassiopea is the new 2021 collection by the designer Eleonora Altamore which takes its name from a star. She affirms the stylist: “The stars give us a romantic and mysterious vision, bright, distant, they accompany our life path, unattainable, they give us terrestrial and extraterrestrial dreams and imaginations”.

The Fashion Designer is inspired by the Sicilian futurists of the early twentieth century and in particular by the painting of the artist Giovanni Varvaro “The man of the stars”. He designs his creations drawing from the same colors, from geometric shapes and, like the “Man of the stars” of the work that hovers towards the sky among the luminous stars, his clothes also seem to float in the cosmos sensually wrapped in female bodies, projecting luminous sparkles, colors and shapes sculpted as if they were engraved in a multiplication table with a symmetrical matrix.

“Cassiopea” is the new 2021 collection by the designer Eleonora Altamore inspired by futurism
Cassiopea – Eleonora Altamore

Cassiopea, a futurist conceptual collection, is the bearer of a message that goes beyond the earthly dimension, an essential link between past, present and sweeping into the future. It is precisely on the theme of the future with the frenetic conquest of space, the exploration of the planets, the creative vision of this collection is projected through the art of futurism.

Eleonora Altamore designed this collection during the lockdown. In a suspended time and an uncertain future, her clothes are a hymn of positivity, of hope, of change towards a better world where each of us can find normality as soon as possible and return to life.

Each dress and accessory of the Cassiopea Collection has the name of a different star. Very special bags are combined with each outfit. Her dresses with original lines are refined and elegant at the same time. Her style is unmistakable, a refined, eccentric but classy mood, for a woman who wants to stand out, who has character, independent, dreamer and romantic, who never loses sight of her femininity.

Due to the health emergency in which our country is involved to overcome the pandemic linked to Covid-19, taking into account the dynamics of the restrictive measures concerning people and companies, the Haute Couture collection show will take place on June 19, 2021 at 6 pm. in Rome at the residence of the designer in the VI Edition of the prestigious summer Grand Gala “Summer Fashion and Art”.

The well-known couturier, who graduated in Fashion Designer at the IED, the European Institute of Design in Rome, has a long and bright career behind her that has led her to make herself known and appreciated not only in Italy but also all over the world. abroad, presenting its collections in Paris, New York, Prague, Malta, Dubai. She is an established stylist in the world of Fashion Luxury with her creations representing the excellence of Made in Italy. She is an attentive observer of the changes in costume and is not influenced by trends, distinguishing herself with her sophisticated, conceptual, futuristic, historical and artistic style.

The Altamore Brand is present in the most important Italian and international high fashion events. Several times he has participated in the Altaroma Kermesse, has paraded on the occasion of the Italian Song Festival on the steps of the Sanremo Casino, and also for Casa Sanremo Moda, an event surrounding the Festival, in Campidoglio for the “150 years of Fashion and Music in the Italia Unita “with the patronage of Roma Capitale, at the Salone del Lusso in Rome EXPOLUXE, for the Telethon Foundation in Palazzo Valentini at the” The Stars of Italian Fashion “event, for fundraising in favor of earthquake victims in Emilia Romagna with the Patronage of the Province of Rome, at “Donna Semper”, at the Rebibbia prison, an event dedicated to inmates and sponsored by the Honorable Renata Polverini, at the “Gran Galà della Moda” at the Hotel Excelsior in Rome, at “Crociera della Moda” on MSC Cruises with the Yacthing collection, at Mipel The Bag Show, the largest international leather and fashion accessories fair that takes place twice a year in Milan, receiving recognition as First Brand classified on 300 exhibitors with bags inspired by Art Deco ‘, at the Greek Theater of Taormina for the “Nastri d’Argento” Film Festival, defilé at the Gala Evening of the Alberto Sordi Foundation at the Hilton Rome, at the “Fashion and Art” in Castrocaro Terme at Palazzo Pretorio with the Etruscan collection, and many other participations.“Cassiopea” is the new 2021 collection by the designer Eleonora Altamore inspired by futurismAmong his most famous creations are the bags: “Horse Bag” made for Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her 60th anniversary, “Mozah Bag” for Princess Sheikha Mozah of Qatar, “Anita Bag” inspired by Anita Garibaldi and created in occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and donated to Mrs. Clio Napolitano, “Twing Bag” for Princess Charlene of Monaco and again the “Space Bag” for astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and among the latest the “Roses Bag” for First Lady Melania Trump.

Its original and luxurious collections inspired by ancient Greece, Art Deco ‘, Art Nouveau, the “Cavalleria Rusticana” operas, the Egyptians, the Etruscans, Byzantine art, Imperial Rome, the sea with “Poseidon”, to the 1920s with “Glamor”, to nature with “White in Flower”, “Aurore Boreali” and the precious “Pearl Dreams”. Among the latest collections “Donna nel Tempo” which traces the entire history of costume and fashion, from prehistoric times to the present day Eleonora Altamore’s creations are limited edition and are placed in an exclusive and niche market, they are among the most desired luxury pieces by the Ladies.

He has received several awards: Margutta Prize for fashion in 2011 and the Plaque for his participation in the “ModArt and Margutta Prize 2020” with the “Pearl Dreams” collection, WAW 2015 Award for Made in Italy Excellence awarded by the Department of Culture of Rome, the Trinacria City of Taormina Award, the Fashion Award given by the Department of Culture and Rome

Capital at the Stadium of Domitian, Prestige Prize for the Arts, Mod’Arte 2019 Prize for the city of Sorrento, Prize for Fashion and Made in Italy, awarded at the Campidoglio and sponsored by Roma Capitale. In addition, on October 14, 2021, the “City of Etiquette – Antonio Ferraris” Excellence Award will be awarded in Rome.
Her motto is “Life for art is the art of living”.

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