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No Limit$ Plein Super Fre$h the new fragrance of Philipp Plein

No Limit$ Plein Super Fre$h the new fragrance of Philipp Plein

The new larger than life fragrance by Philipp Plein an hyperbolic boost of freshness, an endless addiction
To celebrate the worldwide success of the now famous No Limit$ fragrance, Philipp Plein hits the seas with the launch of No Limit$Plein Super Fre$h, an Eau de Toilette that will refresh and awaken all your senses.

Philipp Plein is a gamebreaker. He promised to change the rules of the perfume industry. His successful launch of No Limit$, Eau de Parfum, rewarded with multiple prizes, says it all: best luxe male fragrance at 2020 Russian Fifi Awards, finalist at the upcoming Italian Accademia del Profumo as best masculine fragrance and best olfactory creation.

As of May 2021, No Limit$ – Plein Super Fre$h will invite you to experience the craziest hot summer pleasures. Plein’s ultimate symbol of wealth – the 1 trillion black credit card – will grant you access to the most exclusive summer party: a giant storm of freshness, high-voltage energy and excessive fun.No Limit$ Plein Super Fre$h the new fragrance of Philipp Plein“Nothing you can dream of is out of your reach. It is a very simple and powerful message. No Limit$ is the passkey to fulfill more than you can even desire. With my new fragrance, Plein Super Fre$h, I invite you to my unapologetic world: a gigantic wave of energy, hedonism and success. Work hard and play harder, live your life to the fullest. Philipp Plein, Founder & Owner of Philipp Plein.

The Bolltle
The iconic
No Limit$ black black credit gets a  Fre$h look
The No Limit$ black credit card claims your membership to Philipp Plein’s excessive, high voltage life. No Limit$  Plein Super Fre$h will grant you access to the world’s most exclusive beach club and its endless aquatic pleasures.

Plein’s iconic black card gets a fresh look. Inspired by the infinite seas, the glass and No Limit$ No Limit$  logo turn into a vibrant icy blue, while the central silver Skull remains, reminding you to live your life to the fullest. The outer packaging reveals the legendary PP logo at its center, to delight the fans of the brand. On the sides of the packaging, Plein Super Fre$hs playfully stamped in blue.No Limit$ Plein Super Fre$h the new fragrance of Philipp PleinThe fragrance
Plein Super Fre$h – Super addictive
Born of a co-creation breathed into life by Philipp Plein himself and the internationally acclaimed Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, No Limit$  Eau de Parfum is a signature scent that is unique and ultra-recognizable. In less than a year, it has conquered the heart of many fans around the world and won multiple prizes as best masculine fragrance.

For No Limit$ – Plein Super Fre$h, the King of Now Philipp Plein has teamed-up once again with the King of Perfumes Alberto Morillas, to create the most exciting Eau de Toilette. Plein Super Fre$h keeps the same level of quality and contemporary luxury, while exploring a new facet of unlimited woody-fresh energy.

Alberto Morillas has composed a new hit formula, boosting and amplifying the fragrance top notes, to give you the ultimate fresh kick. The middle and base notes have also been refreshed and brightened, while keeping No Limit$ ’s unmistakable signature. A powerful energizing shot, loaded with made-to-measure accords, super luxurious and addictive ingredients.

“I imagined Philipp in one of his iconic black summer outfits speeding on his jet-ski through giant sprays and splashes of water. Same quintessential addiction, new energy: a high-voltage watery freshness, made-to-measure for Philipp. This new No Limit$ opus will be perfect for generous spraying, and easy to wear – day & night, summer or winter”. Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer.

No Limit$  Plein Super Fre$h is a Woody Fresh blast that beats with three made-to-measure olfactory accords.
Plein Super Fre$h Fre$hness
Cooling aquatic notes – blackcurrant – black fig – lavender – artemisia
A generous wave of freshness, powerful and intense. Natural lavender and artemisia amplify the masculine aromatic freshness of this accord.Cooling aquatic notes mingle with mouth-watering juicy fruits (blackcurrant and black fig) to create infinite Plein pleasures. A sexy water blast.

Unlimited  energy
Bergamot – Grapefruit – ginger – cardamom – black pepper   
The unlimited energy of citrus zests (bergamot, grapefruit) and spices (ginger, cardamom, black pepper) will catapult you into the high-voltage vitality of Philipp Plein.

Sundrenched addiction
Goledn leathernotes – Sun-drenched woods – White chocolate –  Bourbon vanilla
No Limit$ ’s addictive and powerful signature has been brightened in golden lights. A manly blend of sun-drenched woods, such as natural patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood imprints Philipp Pleins’ unlimited strength and magnetism. Sumptuous golden leather notes, blended with amber and musks, reminds you the sensuality of the skin under the sun. The craving for pleasures climaxes in a forbidden indulgence of white chocolate and bourbon vanilla.No Limit$ Plein Super Fre$h the new fragrance of Philipp PleinThe campaign
Every blockbuster gets its sequel

Directed by Luca Finotti, the film revolves around the character of Philipp Plein and his No Limit$ life. An apology of Plein’ hedonistic, unlimited high-voltage life, this time exploring all the aquatic pleasure. The big boy toys are back: mega-yacht, jet-ski, jet pack: it is the ultimate summer party.

Shot by the renowned photographer John Balsom, the print campaign features Philipp Plein himself, transformed into an action star. Inspired by classic adventuresque hero movies, , Plein Super Fre$h will make you feel Philipp Plein’s rush of adrenaline, outdoor fun and life celebration.

Philipp Plein will grant access to his exclusive beach club as of May 1st 2021. No Limit$ , Plein Super Fre$h will be exclusively available in selective perfumery worldwide and in Philipp Plein stores and e-commerce website.  

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