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Giro Quadro presents the new Spring Summer 2021 kids collection

Giro Quadro presents the new Spring Summer 2021 kids collection

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Inspired by the magic of Provence and the charm of the rising sun!

Children are hope, indefatigable carriers of dreams and lightheartedness. Giro Quadro for Spring Summer 2021 wanted to emphasize the fundamental contribution of children to the world, dressing them with soft fabrics and refined colors, a simple and unmistakable style, allied to hot summer days, inspired by the Provencal countryside on the one hand, and by the gardens flowers of Japanese spring, on the other hand, in which the bands of the typical kimonos are transformed into bows that adorn shirts and dresses.

A hymn more than ever to Made in Italy, with particular attention to practicality, manufacturing, the naturalness of the fabrics (pure linen, 100% cotton), with colors that refer to nature in all its aspects. They are models with large and comfortable volumes that instill the desire to wear them to feel free and beautiful in an envelope that recalls the sky, clouds, lightness and the desire to go out and run outdoors.Giro Quadro presents the new Spring Summer 2021 kids collectionThe manufacturing of each single garment denotes a rigorous and punctual care of the finishes and details: representative elements such as the lace trimmings, to embellish the shirts, the elastic raffia belt, proposed on various trousers and skirts, the colored and patterned tapes geometric, designed to facilitate the customization of t-shirts and sweatshirts, are simple but original details that give the certainty of wearing a unique and personal garment easily identifiable in the style of Giro Quadro.

From toga to kidswear! How Giro Quadro was born
With a refined and essential style, Giro Quadro is a strictly Made in Italy brand that, through a “game of constructions” of garments and accessories studied in detail, allows you to pass from a minimalist style to a more refined style, giving expression, from time to time in turn, to the personality of the little ones.Giro Quadro presents the new Spring Summer 2021 kids collectionThe brand is the result of the sensitivity and experience of its creators who are always ready to give voice to new intuitions. Giro Quadro was born from the dream of two women, Dina and Serena, two young lawyers, who in 2016 decided to put the toga on stand-by and try to realize their entrepreneurial dream.

The skills acquired in the course of studies first, and then in the working world, made it possible to give substance to their dream, making sure that this was a project supported not only by creativity and passion but also by the concreteness of all the skills acquired in acting as consultants for entrepreneurial realities in various sectors.

The project was born like in a movie: on a Sunday in early summer, by the pool of a beautiful Apulian farmhouse, two young women, two young professionals confide in each other, confront each other, meet and in a moment it is a triumph of ideas!

From that day on, Dina and Serena cut out a meeting space almost daily: initially the time for a fleeting coffee and a tour in the center, then whole mornings dedicated to confrontation to fit the various pieces together and get their project off the ground.Giro Quadro presents the new Spring Summer 2021 kids collectionThey design their first 20 sketches, inspired by simplicity and refinement, with large volumes and a comfortable fit, but without neglecting the attention to detail, you get the idea of ​​associating different garments with removable collars, made in different shapes and fabrics, in order to make the garment more personal and versatile.

This project in Autumn 2016 has a name and a logo: Giro Quadro.
The name Giro Quadro comes from the idea of ​​wanting to address mothers of refined children who go beyond fashions and conventions, therefore, it is not a simple Girotondo but a Giro Quadro precisely. The logo represents a stylized child: a “Giro” represents the head and a ” Quadro” the body.

Serena e Dina by Giro Quadro - Spring Summer 2021 kids collection
Serena & Dina by Giro Quadro

At this point, always encouraged by the support of their respective husbands and supported by highly qualified people, who believed in them from the beginning, the first Giro Quadro Samples are produced for Spring Summer 2017, it was a great emotion!

The samples received excellent feedback, they like the idea and many multi-brand boutiques buy it, placing it among already established prestigious brands. Thus the first 1000 items are produced out of a sample of just 20 items.

Today Giro Quadro is a beautiful Italian entrepreneurial reality, all female, which seeks to raise awareness of the quality, beauty and refinement that it wants to spread in the world!

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