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Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches Bags: Crystal net, Fujiko Cavallino, Vitty

C.St.: Studio Re
Benedetta Bruzziches crystal network
The new bag by Benedetta Bruzziches is a precious crystal net bag that creates a shining magic with every movement. An elegant and light texture that hides a small treasure, a clutch in organic silk satin where you can store the essentials: the phone, a lipstick and the card holder.

Benedetta Bruzziches Bellatrix Acqua Marina
Benedetta Bruzziches bag Rete di cristalli Bellatrix Acqua Marina

Fujiko Cavallino Benedetta Bruzziches
Fujiko is the name of the new creation by Benedetta Bruzziches. A bag with a simple shape that immediately catches the eye thanks to the fine leathers, the handmade finishes and the sparkle of the crystal buckle on the shoulder strap.

The pony version of the bag is available in three variants, dappled, micro-zebra and puma albino. The refinement of such light animalier shades gives a precious note to the design of this model, enhancing its unique style.

Benedetta Bruzziches Fujiko microzebra
Benedetta Bruzziches bag Fujiko microzebra

Benedetta Bruzziches Vitty
The new Vitty bag seduces thanks to its softness: it is a couture starlet entirely hand-stitched in metallic mesh with rhinestones and interior in silk satin. It oscillates close to the shoulder with every movement of the body, illuminating all around. Available in different color variations, the coolest lemonade, sea water and passion fruit.

Benedetta Bruzziches VITTY mignon Acqua Marina
Benedetta Bruzziches bag VITTY mignon Acqua Marina

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