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CasaGIN loungewear

CasaGIN is the clothing brand that combines eco-sustainability and research in the creation of 100% made in Italy garments

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Green fashion, innovation and well-being: this is the synergy that the fashion system was waiting for According to Sustainable Fashion Survey, research curated by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the Changing Markets Foundation and Clean Clothes Campaign, 72% of people think that a clothing brand must be responsible for its production choices by supporting the adoption of ethical-sustainable processes and little harmful to the environment.CasaGIN intimoIn a contemporary climate in which eco-sustainability is starting to be a fundamental factor in choosing a garment, consumers in the fashion sector are beginning to be receptive to a world that is changing. The sustainability of production processes, the recycling of fabrics and materials and the ethics of work are just some of the factors that begin to influence consumer choice.

And it is precisely in this developing scenario that CasaGIN, a Made in Italy brand of eco-sustainable clothing, is the spokesperson for a 100% green wellness and lifestyle that is attentive not only to the environment but also to people. Through the use of innovative fabrics and performing aesthetics, CasaGIN offers completely sustainable underwear, loungewear and activewear lines made of biodegradable plant fibers.

We want to be a company that is increasingly attentive to the needs and requirements of those seeking a healthy and conscious lifestyle: our goal is to bring sustainability within everyone’s reach and we want more and more people to embrace this philosophy. We want to make our customers understand that wearing a quality garment means well-being for your body. We want them to understand the importance of Made in Italy and we want to improve the territorial context by supporting local companies” explains Matteo Donolato, Marketing Manager of CasaGIN.

The history of CasaGIN was born between China, India, the United States and of course Italy, in search of balance between man and nature

It is 2017 when the founder, Daniela Prandin, decides to create a unique brand that can be a source of well-being for both the body and the Earth. After several trips between China, India and the United States for study and work, following small and large companies operating in the world of fashion, including sustainable ones, the idea of ​​creating a brand able to combine eco-sustainability with ethics work.

And this is how, after a careful search for innovative materials and 0 km suppliers, CasaGIN becomes a real place of harmony and well-being, completely made in Italy, conceived for those looking for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle and where to find products that are good for both the body and the planet. But the brand name already anticipates its values ​​and the union of the word House and GIN is not accidental.

Casa, in fact, underlines the state of mind that the company wants to convey to all those who become part of the community thanks to the warmth and well-being transmitted by the proposed garments. GIN, on the other hand, is the acronym of three adjectives that reflect the most intimate essence of the brand: genuine, innovative and natural. And it is precisely from the union of these components that Made in Italy collections are born with the collaboration of laboratories located in northern Italy and specialized in the spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging phases. The goal, in fact, is to work only with certified and reliable suppliers who demonstrate that they have the same vision oriented towards ethics and sustainability, aiming to make the supply chain of garments as transparent as possible and try to pursue a broader purpose such as supporting the local economy, creating a solid network of businesses.CasaGIN loungewearTextile innovation and environmental impact: here are the news and objectives of CasaGIN
The brand was born with a collection of underwear made with natural fabrics, precisely because underwear is by far the garment that first and most of all comes into contact with our skin. After the creation of the underwear, the brand has created a line of T-shirts in GOTS certified organic cotton and a line of T-shirts, also in organic cotton, thanks to which 10% of the proceeds are donated to the WWF for projects to safeguard the Koala, the Polar Bear and the Whale. The belief that every material that touches our skin is able to give us energy and well-being pushes CasaGIN to seek increasingly innovative and cutting-edge materials.

With fabrics made from beech fiber such as TENCE Modal fabric or from eucalyptus fiber such as TENCEL Lyocell up to organic cotton completely spun in Italy, CasaGIN confirms itself as a real innovation laboratory on the national scene.

Among the ecological innovations used by the brand for the creation of underwear and a part of the swimwear line there is also the ECONYL regenerated nylon, an infinitely recyclable material that derives from the recovery of fishing nets abandoned in oceans around the world, from fabric waste from mills and carpets destined for landfill.

Thanks to the use of natural and recycled materials, CasaGIN has managed to pursue its green mission while saving energy. In fact, in 2020 alone, 1900 kg of co2 and 10 million liters of water were saved and 21,000 square meters of land were preserved.

Team CasaGIN
Team CasaGIN

But the brand’s objectives do not end here: the plans include expanding the range of products beyond the sphere of clothing, aiming to become a real point of reference in the ethical-sustainable world. In addition, the internationalization of the brand with online marketplaces between France, Germany and Switzerland continues with the dream of bringing 100% Made in Italy green innovation to the United States.

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