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Another Way to Feel Eleventy Spring Summer 2022 men's collection

Personal well-being at the heart of the new Spring Summer 2022 Eleventy collection

by Giorgia Crescia
 “Another way to fell” is the new Spring Summer 2022 men’s line by Eleventy. A brand that, after devoting itself for a long time to sportswear and activewear, has decided to give shape to its idea of ​​elegance, always keeping the focus on comfort wear. The basic idea comes to life from the need to return to freedom and to take care of oneself through a modern elegance.

Central to the collection are the blazer and the jacket, a jacket that does not crease that can fit in the palm of your hand because it is created with stretch fabrics; blazers in light fabrics, in deconstructed tricot or in grain of rice linen knits that play on new colors such as bleached sky, pale pink, dusty orange and chalk green.

Freshness, lightness and modernity are the main focuses of the new “Another way to fell” Spring Summer 2022 collection , the garments aim at an elegance that combines with comfort and relaxation; great innovative point is the use of heat sealing, an advanced technique that eliminates the use of seams.

Another Way to Feel Eleventy “Another way to fell” Spring Summer 2022 men's collection
Eleventy “Another way to fell” men’s Spring Summer 2022

The use of colors has been specifically designed to be consistent with the classic Eleventy colors; the new ones proposed, in fact, are designed to be combined with the classic medium gray, sand, milk white and infinite blue typical of the brand.

Eleventy proposes an easy and ironic zero-pilling light knitwear, with Sea Island and Giza long fiber cotton yarns. Knit-shirt can take the place of the classic t-shirt or hoodie. Also in the new Spring Summer 2022 line are the tricot jacket and the polo shirt in patchwork of colors or in the color-blocs inspired by Mondrian.

Attention to sustainability is also important and therefore Eleventy uses sustainable materials and more, in fact, in the denim line it has abandoned pollutants during the washing phase and uses a “Flow” dyeing process with low water waste.

In the beachwear line, the details refer to tailored trousers with pleats and pocket for the watch, declined in a less serious version. The fabrics used dry quickly and are characterized by regimental or floral designs in Eleventy colors, the beachwear line is also made up of bags and clutches in “Carmagnola” hemp and in Rafia.

Eleventy further proposes the home line characterized by natural materials and essential design; the cushion has a balsamic aroma in the natural linaccio padded with pine wood shavings. The home line candles are a tribute to Italian craftsmanship in their ceramic containers.

Another Way to Feel Eleventy Spring Summer 2022 “Another way to fell” men's collection
Eleventy “Another way to fell” men’s Spring Summer 2022

The Eleventy group also announces a new development plan in the field of luxury hotels, everything kicks off with the opening of three flagship stores in three elegant resorts in Italy, Verdura-Roccaforte Hotel in Sicily, Forte Village in Sardinia and Terme of Saturnia & Golf in Tuscany, these three are added to the boutique already present at the Capri Palace. Marco Baldassari‘s choice is due to putting the idea of ​​being comfortable with oneself at the center of this project, the focus of the brand and akin to that of these hotels.

Eleventy hotellery is a new source of growth that is added to the opening of boutiques in Geneva and Korea. A great restart after more than a year of closures and difficulties. Eleventy renews its line giving the centrality to elegance, personal well-being, not only through clothing, in fact through the home line and the new project in conjunction with hotels, Eleventy also builds a surrounding environment focused on the well-being of the brand’s customers.

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