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Profumi da donna di Carolina Herrera

Everything you should know about Carolina Herrera’s perfumes for women

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan designer who became famous thanks to her sensitivity towards women. The main purpose of her products is to make the woman confident, modern and beautiful like all the others without ever feeling judged.Profumi da donna di Carolina HerreraAnd that is why in 1988, in addition to the production of clothing, accessories and make-up products, she decided to create creams, shower gels and perfumes, such as the Carolina Herrera perfume, the Carolina Herrera 212 collection and the eau de parfum Good Girl. The latter is the fragrance that at the time of its launch stirred the most critics, and which fully reflects elegance, luxury and timelessness.

Good Girl perfumes
Thanks to the success with this launch, Carolina Herrera has decided to make more versions of this perfume: Good Girl Very Good Girl and Good Girl Supreme. The peculiarity of all these perfumes, in addition to the fragrance, lies in the bottle itself. In all three versions we have a bottle in the shape of a décolleté shoe with a stiletto heel, to emphasize the beauty and daring of the woman.

In the first perfume ‘Good Girl Very Good Girl’ the décolleté is red, as a symbol of fragrance full of passion, refinement and beauty thanks to the notes of vanilla, red currant and pink. In the second Good Girl Supreme perfume, the décolleté is black but full of brightness thanks to the silver glitter. This is to make it clear that it is the perfect eau de parfum, thanks to the contrasts present inside. In fact we find notes of berries, the captivating Egyptian jasmine, sweet tuberose and warm notes of tonka beans.

Thanks to the great demand for the purchase of all versions of Good Girl, the profumo Carolina Herrera it is among the most loved among women.

Good Girl
Good Girl was born from Carolina Herrera’s desire to find a fragrance that reflected the confidence of the modern woman and suited to the dual nature of women: audacity and seduction, elegance and mystery.

The uniqueness of her perfume is very much reflected in her bottle: a black décolleté shoe with an ultra-heel.

At first glance, the perfume immediately reveals the almond notes present inside, then the aroma of rare tuberose is perceived, which gives the eau de parfum a tone of depth and seduction. The final touch that makes the perfume perfect is the addition of the warm tonka beans and cocoa essence. Thanks to its versatility it can be used as an everyday perfume maintaining its intensity throughout the day.

In conclusion, the original version of the perfume Carolina Herrera Good Girl it is the perfect eau de parfum for those who want to have an intense, persuasive and sensual fragrance, but at the same refined and elegant.

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