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Nada, Malika Ayane, Bobby Solo, Erica Mou

Malika Ayane and Nada are the next guests of ‘Pem! Parole e Musica in Monferrato’

After them Luca Sofi, Davide Van De Sfroos, Erica Mou, Bobby Solo, Samuel, an evening for Ezio Bosso and a literary walk on Dante for the Piedmontese review of encounters, stories and songs of San Salvatore, Balzolam Lu-Caccaro, Miarabello and Valenza, in the Monferrato, Unesco heritage.

Direzione Artistica Deregibus

Malika Ayane
Malika Ayane

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After last Sunday’s departure, packed with the public, with Francesco Bianconi, the sixteenth edition of “PeM! Parole e Musica in Monferrato”. A program of great importance that will now see Malika Ayane as protagonists on 28 August and Nada on 3 September, to continue from 6 September with Luca Sofri, Davide Van De Sfroos, Erica Mou, Bobby Solo, Samuel, an evening on Ezio Bosso and the traditional literary walk, this year dedicated to Dante.

Bobby Solo
Bobby Solo

Important personalities of Italian music and society for the Piedmontese festival of encounters, stories and songs directed by Enrico Deregibus, which until 24 September will stop in San Salvatore, Balzola, Lu-Cuccaro, Valenza and Mirabello.

A unique festival, whose fulcrum consists of meetings / interviews – not real concerts – with singers and musicians who tell each other by interspersing the words with some songs performed in an intimate and informal way. Appointments in places of great charm, between the hills and the Po, in Monferrato, a territory that has been awarded the title of Unesco heritage for some years, one hour from Turin, Milan and Genoa.

Leading the meetings will be Deregibus himself, flanked by Alessandro Rosa (with Nada), Riccardo Massola (with Luca Sofri) and Alberto Bazzurro (with Davide Van De Sfroos).

Complete program:
22 August, 9.15 pm: meeting with Francesco Bianconi (San Salvatore Monferrato)

28 August, 6.30 pm: meeting with Malika Ayane (Lu-Cuccaro Monferrato)
3 September, 6.30 pm: meeting with Nada (Balzola)
6 September, 9.15 pm: meeting with Luca Sofri (San Salvatore Monferrato)
8 September, 9.15 pm: meeting with Davide Van De Sfroos (Valenza)
9 September, 9.15 pm: meeting / concert with Erica Mou (Mirabello Monferrato, Country Sport Village)
14 September, 9.15 pm: meeting / concert with Bobby Solo (San Salvatore Monferrato)
19 September, 6.30 pm: meeting with Samuel (San Salvatore Monferrato)
23 September, 9.15 pm: tribute to Ezio Bosso (Balzola)
24 September, 7.45 pm: literary walk on Dante (San Salvatore Monferrato)
The appointments are free, showing the green pass and in compliance with the anti covid-19 regulations.

Seat reservation required indicating name and surname and telephone number to segreteria.pem@gmail.com or to the number 3714369046 (from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 12).

On 28 August at 6.30 pm it will be Lu Cuccaro Monferrato (in the square of via colonello Mazza 1 in Cuccaro) to host Malika Ayane, a Milanese singer-songwriter with a voice with unmistakable nuances and a successful career, with five appearances in Sanremo and two Critics’ Awards. This year she brought to the festival “You like yourself like this” which anticipated her new album, “malifesto”. She will talk about this and more with Deregibus.

On 3 September, again at 6.30 pm, she will touch Nada, a symbolic name of Italian music, from that of Sanremo to that linked to the indie rock scene, the protagonist of a ficton on Rai1 in recent months. The Tuscan singer-songwriter, already a guest of the festival a few years ago, is scheduled to take place in Piazza Giovanni XXIII in Balzola, a municipality that joins the festival this year.


The evening of 6 September, at 9.15 pm in San Salvatore al Parco della Torre historical, will see a partial deviation from the musical itinerary that characterizes the festival. In fact, the protagonist will be the journalist Luca Sofri, who will talk about the experience of the Post, the online newspaper he directs (among the most popular in Italy), of the book / magazine “Things, explained well” and his book “Playlist. The music has changed ”.

He will move to Valenza at the Carducci Arena on 8 September at 9.15 pm for a meeting with Davide Van De Sfroos, a great singer of provincial stories and characters who become symbolic of humanity. The Lombard musician and writer will present, among other things, the new album “Maader folk”, which will be released in the following days.

Erica Mou
Erica Mou

On 9 September, at 9.15 pm, the Country Sport Village of Mirabello will host an evening with Erica Mou, a young and talented Apulian singer-songwriter, winner of a Critics’ Award in Sanremo and with a busy schedule of concerts in Italy and abroad. Among other things, she will present her new album, “Nature”, to be released the following day, along with historical pieces of Italian music.


In San Salvatore on September 14th at 9.15 pm a real legend of music in Italy will be on stage: Bobby Solo. It will be the occasion for a rich roundup of live music in his history, passing from rock’n’roll to “A tear on the face” and the many other hits of a character of great vitality. The appointment is at the historic Tower Park, as well as the one on 19 September at 6.30 pm. This time it will be Samuel’s turn to talk about himself accompanied by some songs. Singer and author, he has nine albums with Subsonica, six with Motel Connection and two as a soloist, the last of which, the recent “Brigata Bianca”, contains highly successful singles such as “Cocoricò” (with Colapesce) and “Cinema” (with Francesca Michielin).

On 23 September at 9.15 pm he will return to Balzola, in the amphitheater of the public gardens, for an evening dedicated to Ezio Bosso. The great composer and conductor, who had Balzolese roots among other things, will be remembered with his music and with his nephew Tommaso, curator of his artistic heritage, and Alessia Capelletti, curator of the book “Ezio Bosso. I make music ”(Piemme).

To close the festival, on September 24 in San Salvatore, will be the traditional literary walk on the hills. This year it will be dedicated to “Dante’s Inferno”. Departure at 7.30 pm from viale della Rimembranza, arrival in via Cavalli (piazza Teatro Comunale) for a distance of 5km. The theater company “Teatro del Rimbombo” with sumptuous period costumes will declaim the best known verses of the infernal songs of the Divine Comedy, in the suggestive ups and downs of the valley called “of Hell”.

“PeM! Parole e Musica in Monferrato ”avails itself of the artistic direction of Enrico Deregibus with the collaboration of Riccardo Massola, creator of the event in 2007, and the organizational coordination of Corrado Tagliabue and Enrico Beccaria.

The festival has now become a point of reference in the Italian music scene, as shown by the attention of the national press and the artists who participated, names such as Enrico Ruggeri, Diodato, Irene Grandi, Zen Circus, Tosca, Motta, Ghemon, Roy Paci, Ex-Otago, Frankie hi-nrg mc, Luca Barbarossa, Giovanni Truppi, Marina Rei, Ensi, Giorgio Conte, Vittorio De Scalzi, Francesco Baccini, Ricky Gianco, Massimo Bubola, Pino Marino, Zibba, Carlot-ta, Francesca Incudine , Guido Guglielminetti and many others and, in non-musical fields, Guido Catalano, Ernesto Ferrero, Rosetta Loy, Gianluigi Beccaria, Natalino Balasso, Guido Davico Bonino, Anita Caprioli, Giuseppe Cederna, Franco Arminio, Fabio Troiano.

PeM! – Words and Music in Monferrato Festival is organized by the Municipality of San Salvatore Monferrato in collaboration with: Municipality of Balzola, Municipality of Lu-Cuccaro Monferrato, Municipality of Valenza, Municipality of Mirabello Monferrato and Country Sport Village Mirabello

Thanks to: CRT Foundation and CRAL Foundation, BBBell, G&B Group, Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli, Enrico Beccaria & sons, Di Mauro, Modugno – Pizza Risto, Locanda dell’Arzente Village.

Media Partner: RadioGold, Traks
Partner festivals: Books & Blues (Casale Monferato), Festival of the word (Chiavari), Mei Meeting independent labels (Faenza), Bianca d’Aponte Award (Aversa), Bindi Award (Santa Margherita Ligure), Voices for freedom – A song for Amnesty (Rosolina Mare).

With the patronage of: Province of Alessandria, Piedmont Region, Langhe Roero and Monferrato Wine Landscapes Unesco World Eritage Site.

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e Instagram (www.instagram.com/pem_festival)

Seat reservation and information:
3714369046 (Monday to Saturday from 10 to 12)

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