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Back to school 2021/22 FILA “Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini”

Back to school FILA primary and childhood
Sustainability, quality and creativity for the next F.I.L.A. back to school Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini
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Back to school by F.I.L.A. – Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini emphasizes one of the great novelties of the year, the first green ballpoint pen from FILA, one of the results of its green project, the Group’s commitment to sustainable development, an essential element of the everyone’s future (Greenproject | FILA)

This is Tratto 1 Uno Green Plastic, the ballpoint pen produced in Italy with body and cap made of both recycled plastic and industrial reuse plastic – that is the recovery of waste deriving from pre-consumer industrial waste and residues, scraps and scraps. reused industrial plastics, without further treatments: carefully selected materials to guarantee a quality product.

The pen has a body and cap in the color of the ink and a 1 mm tip that comes out by rotating the cap. The 0.5 mm medium trace is smooth for a pen that combines the usual quality and green innovation.

Lyra Graduate Mark All
Lyra Graduate Mark All

In this direction also the conversion of all the plastic bottles used to contain Giotto tempera, now replaced by those made of bio-pet from a vegetable source.

The bottles have an ergonomic handle and anti-waste dosing cap. Homogeneous, compact and easy to apply, Giotto‘s ready-to-use gouache is rich in dense and opaque pigments and available in different colors, from classic to special ones such as glitter, pearlescent, fluo and metallics. The acrylic tempera, on the other hand, is formulated with a special resin that gives excellent applicability and easy application on various substrates and, once dry, gives a bright paint effect to the treated surfaces.

Didò 44 Gatti, Zaino Trolley e Pasta per Giocare Unisex
Didò 44 Gatti, Trolley Backpack and Unisex Play Pasta

Green bottle also for the new 100 and 250 gram bottles of Giotto vinyl glues: inside the quality of a perfect product for all types of jobs. Suitable for gluing paper, cardboard and cardboard, wood and ceramic, lenci cloth, and other small materials used in school, Giotto white vinyl glue is very rich in adhesive agents. Water-based and solvent-free, it dries quickly and, once dry, becomes transparent.

And for gluing there is also Giotto Vinilik Duo, the double-pointed vinyl glue. The thin one is perfect for precision jobs, while the notched tip makes it easy to spread without waste. Perfect for paper, cardboard and cardboard, wood and ceramic, lenci cloth, and other small materials used in school and in your free time. Super adhesive, it dries quickly and, once dry, becomes transparent. Made in a super practical pocket size for any case.

A touch of joy then arrives at the school desks with the new Tratto Video Emotion highlighters. Happy, accomplice, surprised, sad, impertinent, in love, angry, speechless: these are the emotions that, including emoticons and dedicated hashtags, stand out on the fluo body of this special edition always made in Italy. Eight pieces to collect, available individually or combined in the special transparent case made with recycled PET plastic. A line that brings with it a social campaign linked to emotions and the possibility of sharing them. On the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FILAfeelcreativeITA the video invitation for students and writing enthusiasts with the hashtag #shareyouremotion.

And for those who love softer and more romantic colors, there are the new shades of Tratto Video Pastel, the highlighter with a black body and a pastel heart. 4 new colors inspired by the world of fruit: avocado green, cherry red, blueberry blue and apricot orange. The green embrace of recycled PET plastic boxes brings them together.

Back to school FILA secondary school
LINE. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini presents “Graduate”, the line that combines the perfect combinations for the creativity of secondary school students with the signatures of Canson, Lyra and Daler-Rowney.
FILA Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini has created a transversal line that unites its iconic color and paper brands in the Graduate concept: Lyra, Daler-Rowney and Canson. A rich and varied range of products designed to meet the needs of artistic expression. A line of quality tools aimed at secondary school students who enter the world of technical drawing, illustration, graphics and artistic design. Graduate combines useful products with dry, mixed and wet techniques, so Canson papers are presented together with the most suitable materials to obtain the best results.

But let’s see what they are. Canson Graduate Bristol, a block with an extra smooth and extra white surface that allows the graphite to flow without friction, finds its ideal combination with Lyra Graduate Graphite HB, 2H, 3H pencils. A perfect mix for the architecture lesson.

We then move on to the artistic laboratory with the study from life and anatomical models. Here the base is a block with ocher-colored paper, like that of Canson Graduate Ocher Mixed Techniques, perfect for those who love warm colors. To work with the play of light there is instead the noble gray of Canson Graduate Gray Mixed Techniques.

Canson C4 ruvido
Canson C4 ruvido

Canson Graduate Drawing, with its pure white point, is the ideal support for all colors, such as those of Lyra Graduate Permanent pencils. Preserves each shade with rigor without extinguishing its intensity. Suitable for overlapping, for shades, for the use of all possible mixed and colored dry techniques. Easily erasable, it does not make a ‘fluff’.

For the artistic watercolor laboratory there is the new Canson Graduate Acquerello with high weight paper and excellent water absorption capacity. The fine grain, not too pronounced, makes it perfect for watercolors, pencils and watercolor pastels and its pure white enhances the brilliance of the pigments. For the pictorial disciplines the block is the one for mixed techniques on which to alternate markers and watercolor colored pencils. Here is the robust and versatile paper of the new Canson Graduate Mixed Techniques Wet. Ready to support generous amounts of water, it is ideal for students who paint with watercolor, gouache, pastels, crayons and easily dilutable markers such as those by Lyra Aqua Brush Duo.

For the graphic and pictorial disciplines, the base is Canson Graduate Oil and Acrylic, a block with robust and versatile paper, natural white, designed for all acrylic, vinyl and oil colors. The grain is reminiscent of the linen canvas of paintings. Perfect for kicking off your creations, the brand new Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil.

Canson Graduate Black. The smooth surface and the deep black of this paper create a support capable of giving light and intensity in a game of contrast between the background and traces of color, or precise strokes, of pure or superimposed colors. Designed to enhance the most intense and opaque pigments such as the Lyra Graduate Mark All range. And to pin down diagrams, diagrams, drawings, illustrations for technical and in-depth studies, Canson Perforated drawing paper.

A line of fine-grained perforated drawing papers designed to fit any ring binder. And to write and underline with a single tool, Lyra Graduate Duo Sign, the double-ended pencil: on the one hand graphite HB on the other highlighter. For the art workshop the starting point is a sketch block. So here is Canson Graduate Schizzo, designed to fix all ideas, imaginative notes, essential details, presents a light-grained, resistant and thick paper for each hand: free, strong, indecisive, meticulous For all precision work there is then is the resealable album Canson C4 smooth and smooth squared paper.

Resistance to repeated erasing, it allows clear and precise lines without smudging. Pure white with high weight, this paper is designed for all those technical, geometric, or precision drawings that do not admit imperfections and require cleaning of the line. Try it also with Tratto Pen, the Italian, unique and unmistakable stroke, ideal for writing and coloring. The pen-marker with non-deformable synthetic tip with water-based ink and a palette of 30 colors to choose from.

Lettering mania. To respond to this passion and to those who want to deepen the art of calligraphy, there are Canson Lettering blocks. Available in two different finishes: extra white and extra smooth Bristol paper to ensure excellent smoothness of the line of all dry techniques or paper with a higher weight and fine grain for those who also want to use watercolor and wet mixed techniques.
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