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Cura del viso: 5 consigli pratici

Facial care: 5 practical tips

The face is the best business card that a person can offer to the world and it is precisely for this reason that taking care of one’s skin is of fundamental importance. The skin is first and foremost the result of the lifestyle, the diet, the hours of sleep, the environment in which one lives.

This, which can be mainly of 4 different types (normal, oily, dry and mixed) changes not only due to the factors listed above, but also based on the genetic conformation of each one.Cura del viso: 5 consigli praticiFinding the right products to use, therefore, is essential especially if you want to reap the benefits and not damage the skin, in some cases, even irreversibly. You have to choose the right creams, serums and lotions that are best suited to your skin type. It is essential that these are, first of all, of quality such as those of Filorga for example.

A little routine for beautiful skin
Before using any type of product on the skin it is essential that the latter is clean. We must not forget that the skin of the face is the most exposed and, even if it does not appear, the one that gets the most dirty.

The first thing to do is, therefore, to cleanse your face. At this stage it is advisable, for any type of skin, to use a neutral soap as it is delicate and absolutely non-aggressive.

After thoroughly drying your face by dabbing it with a towel (preferably cotton), the next step is to apply a moisturizer.

In this case, to choose the right one, it is good to orient yourself according to your skin type. A fairly oily skin, for example, needs a regulating sebum cream differently from a dry or normal one.

The lips are also part of the face and, for this reason, they too need the right pampering. Using a lip balm will help keep them soft and a scrub (even homemade) once a week based on water and sugar will help eliminate dead cells as much as possible. Cura del viso: 5 consigli praticiLast but not least, apply sunscreen all over your face. It might seem strange, usually this type of cream is applied in the summer, when you are at the sea. In fact, UVA and UVA rays are there all year round, both in summer and in winter. It is therefore advisable to protect yourself every day. Only in this way will it be possible to have beautiful skin today, but especially tomorrow.

A little routine for beautiful skin
Having a small and simple daily routine, giving your face a pampering, will ensure that the skin not only remains beautiful and radiant, but above all it will favor a significant slowdown in its aging.

The famous wrinkles certainly should not be treated when they begin to appear on the face. It is important to prevent their appearance and even in this case, a cream like Filorga Lift is the valid help to stay young for longer.

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