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Idee regalo San Valentino 2022 - Gift ideas Valentine Day 2022

Valentine’s Day 2022: our guide to the romantic gift!

by Gaia Schiavetti
No, we are not skipping our Valentine’s Day perfect gift guide this year, whoever your or your partner is we are ready to help you. Celebrating love is incredibly important especially in a historical moment in which we have had to deal with distance, in which many couples have been divided and in which we are finally fighting to ensure that any kind of love is respected.

So let’s start immediately with our gift ideas for Valentine’s Day hoping you can find the right one to amaze those you love. The first gift that comes to mind is definitely a jewel, a symbol of love and romance par excellence.

Chopard Happy Hearts
Chopard Happy Hearts

Rings are confirmed at the top of the list and trends offer tons of options for everyone and everyone. From simple and essential designs to more important rings decorated with stones. For the earrings you can choose between very elegant pendants and simpler models to always wear.

Chanel Coco Crush - Jenni
Chanel Coco Crush – Jennie Kim

Necklaces are an excellent option because they can be personalized with the pendant of your choice and which can also represent a symbol of your love. A more practical piece of jewelry? Choose thin and essential bracelets that can be combined with any outfit! Watches are also very popular, especially if you choose trendy models with carefully designed designs in seasonal colors. Obviously there are also the great classics that never set and which truly represent a gift forever. Other classic Valentine’s Day gifts? The perfumes of course!


For this year you could opt for a versatile unisex fragrance that finally eliminates the gender divisions that are now proving unsuitable for our needs. You can also combine perfumes with body care products such as creams with the same fragrance, creating a refined box. For the beauty sector, do not underestimate the usefulness of masks signed by the most important beauty brands. Abandoning beauty let’s move on to accessories, a perfect gift especially if you know very well the tastes of those you love. Bags are an accessory suitable for anyone and finally trends see them declined for any kind and use.

Made with love by Biagini . San Valentino 2022
Made with love by Biagini . San Valentino 2022

The mini bags are obviously very trendy as well as the shoulder bags also suitable for more casual styles or for a fast and frenetic lifestyle. For those who prefer large bags there are many options but in that case I recommend you focus on an iconic and comfortable model, to be combined with everything. Since we are approaching spring, do not rule out the idea of ​​giving a summer bag, especially if it is handmade.

Idee regalo San Valentino 2022 - Gift ideas Valentine Day 2022
Idee regalo San Valentino 2022 – Gift ideas Valentine Day 2022

And staying in the summer, it might be useful to know that the sunglasses trends for this year are so many and among the most colorful are the sporty and casual models that can accompany us during the summer. If you are particularly attentive or attentive to fashion, accessories certainly represent a fun and appropriate gift. For this Valentine’s Day we recommend fisherman hats, small leather accessories in seasonal colors, socks with embroidery, scarves and costume jewelery.

Chopard Happy Hearts
Chopard Happy Hearts

We are already talking about fashion and obviously we cannot fail to consider shoes, an accessory that has always combined necessity and design, among the most coveted gifts. If you are looking for a model with a heel for Valentine’s Day, we advise you to focus on trendy models with medium-height heels and bright decorations without forgetting the color, a must for this coming spring.

For sneakers bet on the iconic model that your or your partner likes so much, perhaps declined in a romantic version, you can’t go wrong! Curious and curious to know what are the trends for dresses for this Valentine’s Day?

NESS1 Explodes with sex bomb

Obviously this is our favorite category for gifts and we had a lot of fun looking for the most suitable items for the occasion. The colors are definitely fuchsia, red and pink and the models want tulle and rouches for a romantic but glam cut. Some garments also want lace in more elegant colors such as champagne and rosantic. We advise you to be daring and to amaze with unique and fun garments. If, on the other hand, you prefer not to leave the comfort zone, remember that outerwear is an excellent investment while basic and casual garments are always welcome because they are useful and trendy. Technology is also a welcome gift, especially if your partner is passionate about action cameras or works on the web: you will give him a very useful tool but also a way to immortalize your moments together.


Often technology and sport go hand in hand if you are attentive to performance. So among our Valentine’s Day gift proposals there are also very useful sports items such as backpacks, sneakers and shoes, massage tools and specific equipment. Make sure they are of the best quality on the market and that we are comfortable, smart and obviously trendy too! If you are not afraid to dare with a sexy gift that will surely be very welcome we can only recommend you the beautiful lingerie made with fine fabrics and declined in vitamin colors without falling into the usual black or red. This season’s must-haves are the lace bralettes that make the outfits unique even if left exposed.

Please make the gift package unique by adding some details made by you, it is not important that it is perfect but that it is done with the heart! Indeed, we will give you some more advice to make the gift even more special. Accompany the gift with a bottle of excellent wine, it will complete the dinner and will be a welcome thought. The latest gem? Bring a couple board game with you to play together to add a fun touch to your Valentine’s Day! In the end, we leave you a sweet, simple and fun recipe developed by The California Prune Board in collaboration with the food influencer Sonia Peronaci, founder of  Giallo Zafferano. The recipe will allow you to prepare delicious “new romantic” brownies with Prugne della California.

100 g flour 00

60 g of Prugne della California
2 medium eggs
175 g of butter
200 g of sugar
60 g of pistachio cream
5 g of baking powder for cakes
200 g of dark chocolate
20 g of unsweetened cocoa powder

To prepare the “new romantic” brownies, coarsely chop the chocolate with a knife and melt it: in a saucepan in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Add the butter and allow to cool. 

Take a bowl and mix the beaten shelled eggs, the now warm melted chocolate and the sugar.
Add the coarsely chopped California Prunes and the pistachio cream to the mixture. Mix and add the flour, unsweetened cocoa powder and baking powder. Grease a 20 cm pan, line it with parchment paper and transfer the mixture inside.

Level the surface well with a spatula, then bake at 175 ° for about 30/35 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven, allow to cool completely and cover the brownies with a heart-shaped mold.
The extra idea: Decorate the “new romantic” brownies with delicious heart-shaped toothpicks. Alternatively, cut the brownies into square cubes, join two and decorate them with sugar hearts.

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