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BPrime: an alchemy elevated to the “Cube”

An “alchemy” of color and delicacy that comes to life on the Cube thermoformed fabric
Glamor, stylish or (why not?) Comfortable, BPrime bags accompany us at all times and enrich every outfit with character and a touch of irony

A riot of pink tones kicks off BPrime spring 2022 with romantic elegance.

The pattern of the iconic Cube thermoformed fabric “blossoms” in different models of bags developed in delicate colors that recall cherry blossoms, an alchemy of color as a concentrate of pure emotion, an expression of joy for women who live, love and work.

The best-selling “alchemy” nuance gives life to different pink shades typical of the most beloved spring buds that come to life in the three-dimensionality of the special BPrime Cube, from the “Double” mini clutch with zip to the functional oversized “Lami” shopping bag illuminated by details silver to the super cool “City Bag” with adjustable handles in contrasting black leather, up to the passepartout comfort of the “Flat” of a fashion worker with handles and shoulder strap to finish with the glamor of the “New Chain” equipped with a refined chain shoulder strap.

BPrime alchimia Cube
BPrime Cube FLAT color Alchemy

BPrime bags enrich every outfit with style and personality, in a game between irony and color, character and shape where color is the protagonist, capable of expressing the spirit of the time and giving energy and life.
P.Rew.: Claudio Leoni Public Relations

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