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trucco occhi con l'uso del mascara

Makeup: what is lengthening mascara? How to enhance your eye make-up with the use of mascara?

Mascara is an essential cosmetic that is used in eye make-up to intensify and enhance the look. It is mainly used to lengthen or volumize lashes, thus giving the face a noticeably better look. It is suitable for any occasion, whether you want to opt for a light make-up or a heavier one and that is why it must never be missing in every woman’s beauty case.Trucco occhi con l'uso del mascaraHow to apply mascara and enhance the look
The correct application of the product consists in positioning the brush provided on the root of the lashes until it slides towards the tips. In this way they will curve and be emphasized. It is important to know that there are many techniques for applying mascara based on the effect you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to intensify your gaze more, it is advisable to apply the cosmetic also above the lashes with a zigzag movement, layering it, to be sure that even the smallest lashes are covered. However, we must be careful not to overdo it, this could in fact lead to the so-called spider effect, causing unsightly lumps.

Trucco occhi con l'uso del mascara
Eye makeup with the use of mascara

Which type to choose
In addition to different application techniques, there are also numerous varieties of mascara, which differ in type and color. Among these we find:

Lengthening mascara, has a thin brush that contains nylon fibers that can literally lengthen the lashes;

Curling mascara, has an arc-shaped brush capable of perfectly embracing the lashes and curving them optimally, following their direction;

Volumizing mascara, has a full brush, rich in bristles that thicken the lashes, creating volume;

Waterproof mascara which, as its name implies, has the characteristic of resisting water.

The choice of color in addition to the basic one, black, is subjective, but if you want to harmonize the face more it is important to refer to the complexion and color of the eyes you have. If for example these are brown it is advisable to use a blue mascara, as it gives shine.

There are many varieties of mascara that can be found on the market and can be purchased to create a perfect and original eye make-up, in order to be flawless in every situation. The Maybelline Sky High mascara is for you if you want to obtain a volumizing and at the same time lengthening effect.

Trucco occhi con l'uso del mascara
Eye makeup with the use of mascara

The exclusive flexible brush, bending, will be able to apply the product perfectly on all lashes, from root to tip, making them full, long, strong and voluminous without weighing them down. Furthermore, thanks to the formula containing bamboo extracts, the product is easily removable, thus protecting both the eyelashes and the skin. Therefore also ideal for those with sensitive eyes. The effect obtained will be visible from every perspective, in order to enhance the look and make it seductive and profound.

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