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Golfo Aranci

Tourism: Civitavecchia Golfo Aranci ferry route

Focus on Golfo Aranci
Golfo Aranci is a town in the north-east of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari. Its name derives from the expression “Golfu Di Li Ranci”, whose true meaning is Gulf of Crabs.

The place is easily reachable by ferry or other means by sea, in this regard the times and dates of the trips are always available on the internet. Ferries depart more or less everywhere from our peninsula, including for example from the Lazio coast, where the Civitavecchia Golfo Aranci ferry route is highlighted. Once on the spot, you almost immediately notice the good tourist offer of the place, let’s see together some of the activities not to be missed once you reach the destination.Golfo AranciA visit to the dolphins
One of the most popular and most successful activities in the area are dolphin watching excursions. This is a one and a half hour tour between the seas of Capo Figari, Golfo Aranci and the province of Olbia-Tempio. Ideal attraction for families with children.Golfo AranciDiving
In Golfo Aranci it is possible to try diving activities, both for the more experienced divers, returning from important and difficult dives, and for beginners or even for those who are at the first experience. The centers that offer this possibility, in fact, make various personalized programs available to the user to adapt the immersion to the experience and skills of those who use the service.ImmersioniSnorkeling
Naturally, snorkeling cannot be missed, an activity that is decidedly less risky than the previous one but still organized by associations which, with the help of expert guides in the activity, will lead the visitor to discover the seabed, with a wide explanation of the local flora and fauna. but not only. In fact, some excursions offer the possibility of visiting the wreck of the Chrisso ship in the port of San Paolo, or of contemplating the flat stones of Cala Girgolu.

Costa Smeralda by dinghy or by boat
Since Golfo Aranci is located in a strategic position, in the sense that Capo Figari, Porto Cervo, Tavolara and Molara are all quite close, you can think of taking a day to rent a dinghy or a boat and visit all these places.ImmersioniCultural and historical attractions
Golfo Aranci
it boasts not only seaside and hiking attractions, but also interesting cultural or historical sites. Along the railway leading to Baracconi, for example, it is possible to find the sacred well Milis, the most important archaeological site in the area which seems to date back to the second millennium BC. Its external structure was partially damaged during the construction of the railway, dating back to the 19th century.Golfo AranciThe 40 steps that precede the inner chamber with the well and the chamber itself are substantially intact. To underline the structure of the room, with a circular plan that boasts a tholos roof. Also suggestive is the English cemetery behind Cala Greca, which houses 13 tombs. The name derives from the fact that tradition has it that in this place rest only the bodies of the English sailors shipwrecked in Capo Figari. Golfo AranciThe truth is that there is no evidence of this, but it is certain that one of the tombs actually contains the remains of an English sailor, such George Bradshaw, as the only readable epitaph says, this does not mean at all, however, that the other tombs also host the remains of his colleagues. The most accredited theory is that the other tombs simply preserve the remains of other castaways, not necessarily from the same historical period.


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