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Sarah Borghi GREEN 40 Borgogna 2021

Sarah Borghi’s Green Collection is back in a wide range of products and colors, for tights and stockings

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Sarah Borghi’s Green Collection is back in a wide range of products and colors, for sustainable tights and stockings that combine feminine flair, intelligent innovation and eco-awareness

Environmental responsibility and cutting-edge technology take on new shapes and colors in the second edition of the Green Collection, designed for all women who do not want to compromise on style and sustainability.

For its Green Collection 2021, the Italian luxury hosiery brand Sarah Borghi presents a range of products enhanced in terms of colors and categories, in order to meet the needs of a fashionable but sustainable consumer. Mixing aesthetics, quality, innovation and research, the brand known as the game-changer of tights and stockings continues its journey towards a conscious future.

Leggins della Green Collection Sarah Borgh
Leggins of the Green Collection Sarah Borghi containing ROICA V550

Over the years Sarah Borghi has established itself as a market leader, thanks to over 40 years of expertise in the selection of the finest yarns and in the application of cutting-edge process skills. The evolution of the Green Collection, the sustainable hosiery collection launched for the first time in 2020, confirms the brand’s constant commitment to promoting a new generation of captivating products, capable of actively supporting and encouraging responsible change in culture and offering smart products.

A decisive step has recently been taken in the history of the brand with the publication of the Integrated Report by Gizeta Calze, Sarah Borghi’s flagship producer and the first Italian company in the hosiery sector to include sustainability in its entire business model. A commitment of responsibility and transparency in a path that has been carried out for years and which, today more than ever, becomes of the utmost importance, as stated by Luca Marzocchi, CEO of Gizeta Calze.

The Integrated Report provides a complete vision of the corporate strategy, operating model and governance, which combines financial information with sustainability insights, conceived as complementary to other strategies and, indeed, essential to increase the value of the business.

According to Rosanna Pegoraro, Sales and Product Director of Gizeta Calze, companies that will be able to integrate sustainability into their value chain will be increasingly appreciated by customers, suppliers and partners, since sustainability is a fundamental value capable of unlocking customer loyalty. and brand reputation. Furthermore, conscious values ​​are also appreciated by collaborators and stakeholders, since environmental and social responsibility is considered an indicator of internal well-being that can positively stimulate productivity.

The collection
The collection presents a range of versatile and colorful products designed for every type of woman: from seductive tights to everyday stockings, together with knee-highs, to athleisure with leggings.

Product environmental responsibility is based on two new generation materials. One is Amni Soul Eco, the first anaerobically biodegradable 6.6 polyamide yarn, which degrades in approximately 5 years * after landfill, developed by SOLVAY and manufactured and distributed by FULGAR. The other is ROICA V550 from leading fiber manufacturer Asahi Kasei, a premium and sustainable stretch yarn that boasts the Gold Level Material Health Certificate of the Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation.

Institute  as it has been positively evaluated for its impact on human and environmental health. In addition, it breaks down intelligently without releasing harmful substances into the environment, as proven by the Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certification. Key elements that make ROICA V550 a valuable choice in terms of approach to circular economy materials.

“Sustainability is not just about clothes, but all the items we wear, from hats to socks. Hosiery is a very important sector, hungry for innovation. With Sarah Borghi we wanted to work on responsible innovation at all levels”, says Takaaki Kondo, new Manager of the ROICA  Global Marketing Department.
Focusing on the main products that make up the collection, they are:
Green 40 den tights, super opaque, all naked and with reinforced toes. The band strap, ergonomic and without seams, guarantees ultra-comfort. Available in classic black, blue, forest green and burgundy colors.

Green 40 den sock in microfiber with reinforced toe and heel, available in a wide range of colors: ocean, rhubarb, mustard, cinnamon, cobalt, forest green and sunflower.

40 den green knee-highs in microfibre with ultra-comfort strap. Available in numerous color variations: anthracite, black, blue, chocolate, ocean, rhubarb, mustard, cinnamon, cobalt, forest green and sunflower. And the Green panta, seamless leggings with ultra-comfort strap, strictly black

Sarah Borghi Collant 40 denari
Sarah Borghi 40 denier tights from the Sarah Borghi Green Collection containing ROICA V550

And to confirm once again the brand’s commitment to a quality, transparent and simple fashion product for the consumer, the complete collection will be available on the official Sarah Borghi website (https: https://sarahborghi.com/it/) or on https://www.luxury-legs.com/, on Amazon and starting from September at Green Pea in Turin, the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of respect. Born to change the way of consuming, focusing on the search for harmony with the planet through a place where eco-sustainable and respectful purchases and consumption are made possible.

Green Pea selects high quality products, designed for responsible use and made in harmony with nature, products made to last over time and which, at the end of their life, can be reused or recycled, in full respect of the environment and society, just like Sarah Borghi’s Green Collection.

Sarah Borghi Collant 40 denari della Green Collection Sarah Borghi contenenti ROICA V550
Leggins of the Green Collection Sarah Borghi containing ROICA V550

The physical distribution of the products is also entrusted to selected boutiques such as ARIANNA BOUTIQUE – Verona, HIGH TECH – Milan, THE STORE – Milan, LE PARIGINE – Monfalcone, OFFICINAE – Naples, GALERIES LAFAYETTE – France, LUDWIG – Germany, FENWICK – UK.

ROICA “Advanced fit for living”
A premium stretch fiber with an innovative range of smart features to fit the modern wardrobe. ROICA models comfort with high quality, performance and fit, adding value to everyday life for sports, activewear, underwear, fashion and business. ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Sarah Borghi GREEN 40 gambaletto
Sarah Borghi GREEN 40 knee-highs

ROICA ™ is also a partner of C.L.A.S.S.
C.L.A.S.S. is the international ecohub founded by Giusy Bettoni in 2007 which has established itself as a reference point in the fashion and textile sector for brands, designers, producers, students and all those who are determined to make fashion smarter.

Its mission is to provide professionals with the strategic tools to trigger change and grow both in terms of responsibility and competitiveness. The ecohub pursues its goals by blending design and innovation with the new sustainable values ​​that contemporary consumers are looking for.

Sarah Borghi
Quality, innovation, style and Made in Italy. This synthesis contains the entrepreneurial vision that Sarah Borghi has interpreted since 1975, thanks to a unique textile tradition in the world.
All the collections are designed and produced in Italy, respecting a manufacturing culture that has won, thanks to forty years of experience, an international reputation for excellence.
High quality raw materials at the service of a brand that has chosen to invest in Made in Italy to offer an easy-to-wear elegance, translated into a simple but refined style, for an accessory that is always “in step” with the times.

Gizeta Calze
Gizeta Calze is one of the most representative players in the Castel Goffredo Hosiery District, between the provinces of Mantua and Brescia, which represents the second largest production center in the world in the footwear sector after China, making 75% of the total Italian production. 60% of the European one and 30% of the world one. The company is a strategic partner of the private labels of the major European and international distribution chains. With these world fashion retailers, the Company has a consolidated industrial collaboration relationship, thanks to high investments in terms of research and development, sustainable evolution, high operational flexibility and obsessive attention to product quality. In 2020 it reached a turnover of around 18 million euros, 100% Made in Italy.

With her brand Sarah Borghi she is synonymous with Italian style for the luxury range of high fashion tights and stockings. Her collections are designed for style-conscious visionaries with a contemporary taste, a keen eye for trends and the desire to explore and amplify a unique personality. Gizeta Calze’s efforts in sustainable business have been demonstrated by multiple international certifications such as OEKO-TEX, GRS, ZDHC, SMETA; HIGG and FSC. Additionally, the company has joined coalitions such as Sedex and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

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