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Baldinini for the new generations! “Pre Fall Winter 2022/23 collection”

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The Romagna footwear and accessories company that for over 110 years has made Made in Italy its pride, has been selected to pass on its heritage to future talents in the sector.

Baldinini, the Made in Italy brand based in San Mauro Pascoli, becomes a model to follow for the safeguarding of the stylistic and artisan heritage of companies in the footwear industry and makes the culture of Made in Italy available to the new generations, transmitting its connotating values ​​and guaranteeing it continuity.


The Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna has started a collaboration with Baldinini as part of a research project on the conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of fashion, which also includes the historical archives of the most important footwear companies in the Italian economy.

The Baldinini research project began with the reorganization of the product archive, consisting of over 2000 shoes that have been dated, sorted and placed in a space that the company wanted to dedicate to its historical heritage. This dating phase was followed by a digitization activity: each model was classified starting from the sabot, which saw Gimmi Baldinini as the absolute precursor in its transformation from a work shoe to an object of every woman’s desire, up to the iconic Texan who since 1984 has written the history of Baldinini successes.

At the center of the activity emerged an important work of conservation of the rich archive that the company has carried out in the last 30 years together with constant experimentation and research on the product: for this reason, the University of Bologna has decided to recognize it. as a case history for the conservation and digitization of the historical archive, presenting it to the scientific community next October in Ravenna during a special conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Unesco that will embrace the theme Restoration, conservation, enhancement, digitization and science of heritage.

A journey made of creativity, passion and innovation that began in 1910 with the founding of the company and destined to be handed down to future generations to safeguard the historical heritage of a sector with a high risk of dispersion of cultural heritage.

The enhancement of heritage will give added value to the company’s assets and brand identity, which will be recognized and passed on to the young talents of tomorrow.

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